Steve Lesnard Highlights the Role of Digital Marketing in Enhancing Customer Experience

Steve Lesnard, a digital marketing expert highlights that social media platforms are becoming major marketing platforms for many organizations around the world. These platforms have become known to the organizations targeting young generation. Statistics indicate that a considerable number of youthful people have their presence on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It is also important to highlight that marketing in these platforms is cheap and reaches many people.

Digital marketing techniques are changing the way companies view marketing and the way they view various products and services. Marketers have now realized that they can use alternative marketing techniques and reach a considerable number of people, more than what they could have achieved by using the traditional marketing techniques. Besides, it’s the aim of any business to cut costs while at the same time maximize output. Digital marketing strategies are helping organizations to accomplish just that.

However, Steve Lesnard notes that it is not all merry about the digital marketing styles. Most of them have proved to be very reliable in the results they have generated within a short period. However, it is important to record that these marketing techniques can be counterproductive, especially when they are not applied in a professional manner. Companies that want to record success must place customers at the center of the marketing messages. Marketing should be all about customer and the needs of the customer.

One of the strategies that brands can use to market their products to the customers is enhancing consumer experience in product delivery. It is important that marketing companies make sure that customers get to benefit from the marketing messages so that they can value the products on the market. Customers should like to know how the product helps them, how they should use it, and how it adds value to their life.

According to Steve Lesnard, many brands fail because they prioritize on creating awareness about a particular product rather than telling the customers how they would benefit from the product. Marketing messages should be outlining the features of the product that the customers want to hear.

Matthew Fleeger and Gulf Coast Western LLC

Matthew Fleeger is President/CEO of Gulf Coast Western LLC, an American company that has earned an A+ from the Better Business Bureau because of its transparency and openness with accredited partners. Gulf Coast Western invests in properties possessing both geological and geophysical advantages with well-developed structures. Having started in Dallas, Texas, this company has locations in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Mississippi. Gulf Coast Western focuses on domestic oil and gas reserves in the Gulf Coast region. As its administrative leader, Matthew Fleeger has been successful even during periods of economic adversity for the oil business. Thus, he is well-respected for his expertise in the industry of oil and gas, waste management and tanning industries. Above all, Fleeger is highly regarded for his entrepreneurial ability, along with his skills in team building, strategic planning and contract negotiations.

When it formed partnerships with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration and Orbit Energy Partners, Gulf Coast Western acquired property rights in Louisiana. By doing so, Fleeger’s company obtained 3D seismic data and access to hundreds of square miles in Southwestern Louisiana. Now, Gulf Coast Western also operates Louisiana development wells and producing wells, such as Zachry Exploration, LLOX, Union Gas, Endeavor NG and Neumin Production. With these wells, Fleeger’s company expects to produce the equivalent of more than 800 barrels of oil daily. Additionally, Gulf Coast Western plans to increase production potential by adding PUD-designated offset wells and by developing two workover wells. Still another acquisition of Gulf Coast Western’s partnerships is with Dallas-based Northcote Energy Ltd. This partnership has expanded operations in the Shoats Creek Field in Louisiana, a location in Beauregard Parish. In this area, more than 4 million barrels of oil equivalents are produced.

As a result of the acquisitions of his company, Matthew Fleeger, who holds a degree in Business Administration from Southern Methodist University, is highly recognized for his strategic planning skills, his adeptness in team building and contract negotiation, and his entrepreneurial abilities. Before his present position, Fleeger was CEO and President of Med Solutions. He was also successful in the tanning industry where he helped to develop Palm Beach Tan and Mystic Tan.


Boraie Development is Re-Inventing the Real Estate Industry through the Aspire Luxury Apartment

The Aspire Luxury Apartment, New Brunswick, New Jersey, is one of the architectural designs that is geared towards showing that the real estate development in the United States has gone to another level. This is not an ordinary residential facility that you will come across in your suburbs or on the outskirts of the city. This is a modern residential facility with more than 235 residential apartments, which have all been made with the needs and interests of the consumers at heart

Recent reports show that a considerable number of the United States citizens are using a particular percentage of their income for entertainment. This means that indoor or outdoor residential clubs have become fashionable around the country. If you are looking for an apartment that has both indoor and outdoor club, where you can play and rest after work, then you need to get your residential apartment at the Aspire apartment. There are other important facilities that you will get to enjoy while living in this apartment.

A storage space is always an important thing to have in your residential facility. It helps you to store most of your properties, especially the old furniture and other fittings that you might not need in your home. You also get an opportunity to store your bike in a private room without the interference of other people. Besides the individual storage facility, there is also an opportunity for neighborhood dining. If you are enthusiastic about sharing your life with others, there is a rooftop sundeck and outdoor BBQ space.

Boraie development, which is the real estate company behind the Aspire Luxury Apartment, has been involved in other projects before but this project captures the imagination of many property lovers. From the architectural design to the final touches, the Aspire apartment is a clear statement that the real estate industry in the United States is changing to more personable, customized, and state of the art properties. The Aspire has laid a mark that others have to meet or even supersede.

Immediately after launching the Aspire Apartment, Boraie development engaged in another infrastructural project that is expected to change the outline of Newark city. Shaq Tower is a 168-unit apartment that has been built by the partnership between Boraie development and former basketball superstar, Shaquille O’Neal. The new project is expected to change downtown Newark, which can be considered to be less developed area in New Jersey.

Papa Johns Embarks on a Journey to Regain the Trust of Its Employees with Steve Ritchie at the Helm

CEO Steve Ritchie came on board at Papa John’s at the right time when the company needed major interventions to help it maintain its vast presence and huge customer-base. He started by putting in place some remedies including writing a letter of apology to customers about the remarks of the company’s founder which tainted its reputation. He distanced himself, his office and the company at large from the remarks saying that they are not in any way a representation of the values and views of the company. He issued an outright apology.

Steve Ritchie said that the company is not an individual and it has more than 120,000 corporate and franchise team members across the world. These are individuals from all walks of life hailing from the communities of their customers. They are always striving to provide customers with better services and better pizza. They make up the customers’ local owners as well as operators who are pillars of their community. To show that the letter was not mere public relations words, he highlighted some of the steps the company would take to improve its practices going forward.

The senior executive said that outside experts would be brought in to audit their company’s culture, inclusion and inclusion practices and the audit would be used to set more clear goals. Additionally, the senior management team members would go around the company’s locations listening to the feedback of employees and franchisees on the path forward. Transparency is important to Steve Ritchie because he wants their customers to hold them accountable.

Steve Ritchie said that he would personally lead the efforts to earn the trust and respect of their customers again. He recognizes it will take some time but he is confident they will get there. The letter was very compelling and it finished by thanking their customers for their loyalty. Papa John’s recognizes that they are in business because of its customers. According to Steve Ritchie, they hope that they will continue to have the honor of serving the customers. Needless to say, the letter is direct to the point and the apology is pretty clear. It is a positive step toward the right direction.


Sharon Prince Celebrates 2019 Earth Day In a Unique Way


Created to bring people from different background together, Grace Farms has brought in that and more. The magnificent and scenic farm sits on an 80-acre land that has every description of nature into it. Sharon Prince’s idea of bringing the best out different people has ever since been embraced as thousands of people visit to the farm every day.

Recently, Prince held an event on the Farm to celebrate earth day. The event brought together families, friends and first-time visitors of the farm, who had an opportunity to interact with nature. The event that started as early as 10 am was graced by the CEO of the farm himself, Mr. Sharon Prince. Many activities were included in the celebrations among them being a facilitated workshop which targeted children in the age group of 3-10 years of age. The workshop aimed to help the children to learn more about wildlife and how to protect the same.

Another activity was the bird walk that allowed visitors to interact with the different species of birds. Grace Farms Foundation is home to over 70 bird species which have made their homes in the grasslands and ponds found in the farm. The activity ensured that the revelers enjoyed the natural sound of the birds and as a result a relaxed mind. Find Related Information Here.

Visitors had an opportunity to have a face to face talk with the top managers of the Farms, where they learned how to protect the wild animals and the benefits associated with the same. The staff too had an opportunity to get immediate feedback from their visitors who inspire the growth of Grace Farm.

Grace Farms is located in Connecticut and is a private organization that was started by Sharon Prince, through her hard work, creativity, and resilience.

Sharon Prince is passionate about social justice, environmental justice and creative art forms. Sharon Prince is one of the few individuals who stands up for creativity. She is the head of Grace Farms Foundation.

Sharon is also involved with Next Generation Nepal, which is a charitable organization that helps reunite victims of child exploitation with their families.


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The Aspire New Brunswick: The Apartment Complex witha Difference

The Aspire New Brunswick, New Jersey is an apartment complex that has caught residents of New York and the entire U.S. in awe. Its glamorous design, its affordability, and the numerous facilities it offers make it stand out from many other complexes in the area. If you are looking for a decent and comfortable apartment in the outskirts of New Jersey, you will be thrilled by what the Aspire New Brunswick has to offer.

To start with, the apartment complex consists of 238 residential units. For security purposes, the lobby is manned by a door man round the clock. If you are concerned about where to park your car, do not fret. The complex has a parking facility with an elevator that provides direct access to the lobby. There is also a fitness center if you are concerned about your fitness. If like to sit back and relax, you can enjoy the ambiance of a rooftop sundeck. There is also a convenient neighborhood dining for people who are not into cooking homemade meals and if you are lazy to go out shopping, there is a shopping area within the complex. For convenience sake, the apartments are next to the train station and the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital. With the Aspire New Brunswick, you can expect more than what you find in other apartments.

Shaquille Comes Home To Invest In Real Estate

Former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal has invested in a 22 story apartment complex, also colloquially referred to as the Shaq Tower. This complex is the first of its kind in over 50 years. He recalled how he grew up in the city and how his parents would only either commit to a boys and girls club or taking to theatre to prevent him from being influenced by the street gang.

The $79 million lavish apartments were developed by O’Neal and Boraei Development and are a small distance from the Hahne & Co. building and New Jersey Performing Arts Center. It also neighbors the new restaurant established by Marcus Samuelsson, a celebrity chef.

About Boraei Development

Boraie Development focuses its services on the urban real estate market. It is one of the most renowned real estate solutions providers in New Brunswick. Boraie Development has made a name for itself in real estate development, real estate marketing, and property management in New Brunswick area. Some of their specialties include offering services to contractors, architects, and financial witnesses.

Robert Deignan Is Helping Businesses Outsource Some Of Their Operations With ATS Digital Services

Robert Deignan has wowed many with his pursuits as a technology oriented entrepreneur. The largest firm he has founded in his career is ATS Digital Services, which he and a knowledgeable partner launched in the summer of 2011. CEO is a source of great influence in any organization, and Mr. Deignan is clearly using his influence well, as his team is excelling in solving technological difficulties and mishaps for the many unique customers who seek help.

Business Management was the field that Deignan chose to attend Purdue University to pursue his degree in, and he graduated in 1995. It is not common for an entrepreneur’s business project to find the type of success that Robert Deignan’s have over his career due to the sheer amount of stress and professional effort involved. Mr. Deignan has avoided such issues by ensuring that the proper infrastructure for his companies is always securely in place from the beginning.

Robert Deignan believes in the power of outsourcing particular aspects of one’s business in order to increase efficiency. This is a common solution in the modern entrepreneurship climate, and it is very simple to scale when a company begins to grow. Customer service is something that many businesses are choosing to outsource these days, and ATS Digital Services offers a quality solution for these busy organizations. ATS allows the customers of other businesses to find timely solutions to their technology-based sufferings.

Sales, Robert Deignan also believes, are another prime candidate for outsourcing, which will allow the business to place more of precious resources and focus in the ever-important realm of promotion and marketing. The tech support provided to deserving companies by ATS Digital Services is is one of the most efficient ways in which businesses are outsourcing portions of their operating models.

Companies find this type of service quite valuable because if their customers cannot receive the necessary help with products they have purchased, then future business from those clients will be unlikely. This make a group like ATS Digital Services a game-changer with its 24/7 professional service team ready to help whenever a customer in need picks up a the phone.

Sharon Prince: Bringing To World Together Through Grace Farms


Grace Farms, led by the chair and president Sharon Prince, is a community center that focuses on the humanitarian effort. The purpose of Grace farms is to bring people from all backgrounds together in collaborative spirit. Grace Farms sits on 80 scenic acres in New Canaan, Connecticut.


Open to the public six days out of the week, Grace Farms mission is to make others aware of the issues of the world and to become active in the many programs held on the premises. By listening to speakers who are leaders in their fields, or taking nature walks, to observing artists and their work, Grace Farms allows ordinary people to become part of the solution for a better world.


Through Grace Farms, Sharon Prince has successfully created relationships that are moving toward global change. Sharon Prince hopes that this will make others aware of their community center and want to create their own around the world.


Sharon Prince stated she wants visitors to “have a greater enjoyment of the beautiful environment and changing seasons through the spaces and experience created by the River building.”


Sharon Prince believes natural and more comfortable conversations can occur because of the natural beauty of the compound. She believes those how visit will be able to collaborate easily and come up with unique perspectives that will garner a peaceful solution.


Since opening the River building, it has been awarded the AIA National 2017 Architecture Honor Award and the Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize 2014-2015.


The River building is almost twenty one thousand square feet and is made up of 5 areas called volumes. These areas are meant for private and public gatherings, workshops and lectures. It has a large Library filled with books on art, nature, and justice. Refer to This Article for additional information.


The River building allows many non-profit organizations to use its space as a way to help other groups further their goals in the spirit of collaboration.


Grace Farms is a place for the community gather and enjoy nature and each other while furthering their goal of a peaceful Earth.


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Vinod Gupta Making The Dream Come True


When a man is so determined to become a successful businessman he does it against all odds. This was Vinod Gupta who left his life in India behind to get an education in the U.S. He got his education in business administration from the University of Nebraska earning a Master’s Degree.


Once he stepped into the world of business as a marketing research analyst he showed his first employer that he could be relied upon to make money. Once he saw that he was successful in marketing he worked on the Business Research Services and American Business List in 1972. Soon Vinod Gupta was climbing the ladder to even higher spheres and the entire yellow pages were included in the American Business List, ABL, database.


The path was paved for much more for Vinod Gupta who started off with only a degree in business administration. Soon ABL had a much greater reach and transformed into InfoUSA covering both the U.S. and Canada. From there it transformed into InfoGROUP and was finally sold for millions of dollars in 2010.


Vinod Gupta had made his dreams come true and is a well-known businessman both in the U.S. and in India. He was awarded honorary doctorates from three universities and served as a trustee for the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts.


Vinod Gupta knows it takes a good education to get ahead in life so he has also made private donations to schools and programs in the U.S. and in India. He also realizes that as much as the world of business is greatly dominated by men, women must also be given a chance at success in the world of business and is doing his part to help women get their business degrees.


In an article with Weekly Opinion entitled “Vinod Gupta Invests in Women’s Education”, Gupta share how he’s helped established the women’s polytechnic school to enable women to earn post-graduate degrees.  With karmic understanding, he has always understood the opportunities he was given, and has vowed to dedicate his resources to providing similar opportunities to others.


In view of this Vinod Gupta has created an account on Medium and is offering his business insight to help up and coming and established entrepreneurs with many different topics providing helpful advice for both men and women.


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Scouting for Talents Who Can Join the Watford Football


Gino Pozzo is a wealthy Italian businessman who currently owns the Watford Football Club. He is from the influential Pozzo family, and he is the child of football enthusiasts Gianpaolo Pozzo and Giuliana Pozzo. The family owned three football clubs in the past, which includes the Udinese Calcio Club, purchased by his father back in the year 1986; the Watford Football Club, purchased by Gino Pozzo in 2012; and the Granada F.C., a Spanish football club that was recently sold to a Chinese businessman in 2016 for €37 million.

The Pozzo family also invests in a lot of business. They have a woodworking business which was sold in 2008 to support their football clubs. The family also owns an electrical appliance business, which has several branches all over Spain. Recently, the Pozzo family also decided to enter the property and financial sector because of the huge profit that can be generated from these industries.

Gino Pozzo’s interest in football started when he was young. As he moved to the United States when he was 18 years old, his perception of the world of football changed. Shortly after he graduated from Harvard University, he decided to focus more on becoming a football club owner.

He purchased Watford Football Club in 2012 and decided to move to London to see the condition of the players. He wanted to move the football club to higher ranks, so he consulted his father and asked him about the tips on how his football club can become better when it comes to their performance.

What Gino Pozzo currently does is that they are scouting new players for the football club, and investing heavily in them. He wanted to search for the best talents all over the world, and he believes that they can be trained to become an asset for the club. His passion for football is overwhelming, and many believed that it is his key to success.