The St. Louis’ man turning the defense industry upside down: Ronald Fowlkes work experience

Ronald Fowlkes is the man of the hour in the tactical gear and law enforcement industry. He’s been involved in the industry as a customer or as a developer and seller for almost 30 years since he joined the Marine Corps in 1989. He’s a First Gulf War veteran and was honorably discharged from his duties in 1993. Then, he served in two of Missouri’s Police Departments: St. Louis County Police for 3 years and St. Louis’ Metropolitan Police Department for 10 years, where he spent 7 years as a HRT Squad leader. He also was a DOD contractor for the US Army in Iraq during his time at the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO). When he got back home, he knew he could do more for the law enforcement industry in the private sector. That’s why he started a career that has taken him to various positions like Military Products Sales and Business Development Manager at ITW, Manager of Business Development at Eagle Industries and currently as Director of Business Development and co-owner of FirstSpear.


In his post at Eagle Industries he was in charge of overseeing marketing and sales of the company’s products. His responsibilities varied from instructing more than 150 sales workers on the company’s products, their development and how to sell them, to choosing products to be considered for additional development and improvement. He also met and called potential and current clients around the United States to keep them actualized of all of the latest and innovative products the company developed. Now he proudly serves as FirstSpear’s Director of Business Development, which he likes to call the “Gucci or Ferrari of the tactical world”. He’s in control of the coordination of Law Enforcement and Military activities of the company to improve the marketing and sales of the top notch and innovative designs of FirstSpear. He usually attends trade shows and goes to regular marketing events where he presents the latest FirstSpear designs. He’s also in charge of maintaining continuous contact with clients who range from the DOD and NATO to local and State Law Enforcement departments. His combination of field experience in military and police forces and in the business gives him a unique set of skills that make him so successful in the industry.


The Hand of Gregory Aziz in The Success of National Steel Car

Gregory Aziz is a successful leader who has been emulated by many leaders in the world. He has led to the success of National Steel car.the Company was established in 1912 , and it used to operate as Imperial Steel Car. Currently, he serves as the CEO and the president of the company. National Steel Car leads in the manufacturing industry. The company specializes in the supply of freight also deals the supply of engineering equipment. The firm has operated successfully for over a century. The company is in the forefront in the adoption of new technologies in the manufacturing of freight cars.


National Steel car has enhanced their reputation across North America for many years. The company is renowned worldwide as the best supplier of freight cars and their spare parts. The rise in the reputation of the company is attributed to Gregory James Aziz. The company has ensured the railroad infrastructure are well designed and operated efficiently. The improvements that were conducted under the leadership of James Aziz has helped in enhancing the worldwide reputation of the company. The improvements have also increased the number of consumers of the company.


Gregory J Aziz has developed the railroad industry through the services and products that are provided by National Steel Car. Greg Aziz is in the forefront in promoting innovation and invention in the industry. He has developed the virtue throughout his career life. The company strives to be the leading industry in the technological advancement. National Steel Car has been consistent in the improving their services and products due to its personnel in the company. The company is always setting new standards in the market.the move ensures that the company curb competition and satisfy consumer needs. The railroad industry has enhanced the technological design to conform to the new standards in the market. The consumer interactions have been improved to ensure that their needs are met.


Greg James Aziz has led the industry to drive for continued success in North America. The need for success has been beneficial in adopting advanced technology in the production line. Greg James has ensured that the staff of National Steel Car operates with the highest level of integrity. He has also built the virtue of commitment and responsibility in the company. National Steel Car is currently one of the outstanding companies due to the leadership skills that have been developed by Greg James Aziz. Click Here for more information.


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Jeremy Goldstein – Improving Employee Base Pay Programs

Jeremy Goldstein is a practicing lawyer based in New York, and he is one of the leading and sought-after lawyers in the United States. He worked with numerous renowned organizations, companies, and organizations such as Goldman Sachs, Verizon, and Bank of America, where he provides counsel regarding the proper or appropriate management of earnings per share or EPS that similarly includes incentive-based programs of other natures. Jeremy Goldstein also gives gainful perceptions of how performance base pay programs, like the EPS, are correctly implemented.



Tackling the monetary viability of a company is difficult since it depends on a lot of factors, and Jeremy Goldstein’s experience regarding such matters does not benefit the investors, the company and the employees. This is especially so whenever the legal applications of incentives are fought out between the parties involved.



Considering its overall benefits, EPS is constructive when they are administered and appropriately supervised. For external stakeholders, EPS is a significant aspect that affects stock prices in the market. And the prices of such stocks are what stakeholders consider when they buy or sell their shares. Stock prices are also the fundamental basis of the increase of incentives given by corporations to their rank and files. Researchers confirm that adding EPS or earnings per share in the entire payment scheme of a company allows it to become more cost-effective and lucrative.



In the beginning, earnings per share (EPS) possibly may appear adequately beneficial to be incorporated into the payment structure of a business. However, the changing and volatile features of company shares and trading allow corporations to manipulate EPS, making it more incline to benefit a single party and opt out the others.



Individuals or parties concerned who are not in favor of using EPS explained that the incorporation of the earnings per share can lead to having favoritism in the corporation and may make CEOs consciously unaware of the matter at hand. They conclude that high ranking officials within the organization are given more power to control the outcome of the situation. And this is whether the desired outputs are being met or not. This means that the price of stock shares can be inflated or deflated at will, which is illegal and deceptive at the same time and could affect the investments of stakeholders.



Hence, professional experts encourage investors to concentrate more on long-term pay-based incentives to stabilize their share values with the companies they are investing in.



Jeremy Goldstein is registered among the Leading Lawyers in the Chambers USA Guide. He is likewise listed on the Legal 500. Learn more:


Gregory Aziz and National Steel Car’s Revival

If you work in the railroad industry, then you have probably heard of the company National Steel Car. This rolling stock manufacturer has been in the industry for over a century, and their focus on quality has earned them several awards and international renown. In fact, NSC is one of the only rolling stock manufacturers left in North America, and their reach is growing every day. What you might not know, however, is that National Steel Car nearly went out of business in the 1990s. Thanks to the likes of NSC’s CEO and Chairman, Gregory James Aziz, this did not happen.


Gregory J. Aziz purchased National Steel Car in 1994 for a bargain. The company had been hurting ever since trucking companies started replacing trains as the main method of transporting goods. However, in recent years, the owners of NSC had been making poor business decisions and decided to start stripping down the company rather than putting more capital in it to build it back up. These owners were so concerned about their returns that they let the company wither and almost die. When they sold it to James Aziz, these owners were losing millions of dollars every year. Aziz, however, had a plan to change this.

Greg Aziz had been building up failing companies for years. Ever since he graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1971, Aziz had been able to read business markets and implement strategies to make businesses thrive. Now, he had to deal with a company that had been stripped and was only a shell of its former self. The first thing he did was make sure the strategy of the company was clear. Gregory Aziz made engineering and quality the top priority for all railcars. He knew that customers stopped coming to NSC because the previous owners had implemented a cost-savings strategy, which meant lower quality cars. However, now customers were being given products that would stay on the rails without worries of them becoming obsolete. Refer to This Article for more information.

Aziz then made sure to pour cash into the business, mainly purchasing new equipment and machinery that would be able to build these new, state-of-the-art cars for the customers. He hired thousands of additional workers to help with the new capacity and demand, and he started paying them better than surrounding plants.


Thanks to James Aziz’s quick thinking and ability to read business environments, National Steel Car is now one of the top rolling stock companies in North America. They have contracts with every major railroad, and their future has never looked brighter. This is all thanks to Greg Aziz.

Madison Street Capital Ends the Year with Another Accolade

Madison Street Capital has generated the highest class of business excellence in the M&A industry. The expert services of the investment banker have helped many middle market companies to successfully acquire or integrate their services to make them more innovative and unique. With exceptional M&A services, Madison has won many industrial appreciations since it founded. Recently, it won M&A Advisor Awards in November 2017. The 16th edition of the annual Award program administered by M&A Advisor took place on November 13. In the event took place in New York City, the firm declared as the winner in the Debt Financing Transaction of the Year category for helping WLR Automotive to complete its deal.



David Fergusson of the M&A Advisor confirmed that the group is recognizing M&A dealmakers, transactions, and firms since it established in 2002. In the year, Madison was elected from a group of highly qualified 650 participating companies. Fergusson continued that by choosing Madison, the investment banker is elated considering the standards set by the investment banker in the M&A industry. Madison represented the highest of the M&A industry in the year and qualified for the recognition by offering something unique from the group of highly notable candidates.



Charles Botchway, the President of Madison Street Capital, expressed his happiness over the recognition. He said that the firm is really honored by the Awards from the M&A Advisor in its debt financing section. He showered with praise on Barry Petersen, the SMD of Madison, who managed the transaction and thanked WLR Automotive for offering the transaction opportunity. In addition to the Awards in the section, the firm also became the finalist in Financial Deal under 250MM and Boutique Investment Banker categories for the year.



Apart from the Awards program, the event also saw the M&A Advisor Summit for the year 2017. It saw participation from over 500 professionals from mergers and acquisition industry from around the globe. It had exclusive interactive forums initiated by almost 35 stalwarts from academic, media, M&A, and industry. Apart from the M&A category awards, the event also saw the distribution of some individual awards to recognize people who played outstanding roles in the industry.



It was in 2005, the investment banker was established, and the firm is known for making careful analysis and providing precise recommendations in the mergers and acquisitions industry. Madison is known for providing highest quality services to the middle market companies in a number of areas such as financial opinion, valuation for financial reporting, corporate advisory services, and business valuation. The firm has expanded its services beyond North America and currently has offices in Asia and Africa. It is also known for involving in a number philanthropic initiatives and designed a Disaster Fund for the United Way.


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What does a volcanic rock have to do with oil and natural gas? Not much really, but enough to inspire the name of a major Canadian oil company. Founded in 1979, Obsidian Energy has experienced several changes along the way with the most obvious being the recent name change from Penn West Petroleum in June 2017.


Obsidian Energy was founded in the Western Canadian province, Alberta to explore and produce oil in the oil-rich western sedimentary basins in Canada. It stemmed from the merging of several smaller oil companies to form Penn West Petroleum limited. The company grew asset wise as a consequence of purchasing oil and gas properties. The growth by itself was an effect of purchasing other smaller oil companies.


Arising from the need of a larger company with a higher operating status the company later acquired nearly all of BP Amoco’s Canadian shares. This plus several other purchases grew the company’s production harbor by more than twice its initial size.


More acquisition would follow in the years to come, and by 2002, Obsidian Energy, the then Penn West Petroleum was the dominant oil producer in central Alberta. This grew the company’s confidence and developed an upsurge in the desire for growth and diversity as seen by the company’s interest in coalbed methane in that same year.


In May 2005, Obsidian Energy completed restructuring from a corporation into an income trust, a change that had been proposed by the board of directors nine months before. The conversion to an income trust meant that the company would dispense its earning to the unitholders prior to paying tax. This witnessed major part of the company’s cash flow rechanneled from reinvestment to payment of dividends to the unitholders.


High growth potential and the restructuring enchanted investors to the company followed. More investors meant more financial might, and with might came the acquisition of shares in Midale oil pools and four other oil properties in the three years that followed. Go To This Page to learn more.


The company experienced another major change in 2011 when a federal requirement forced income trusts to revert back into corporations. A year later a shift in focus would see Penn West Petroleum major on light oil resources.


A name change, and nearly seven years later, with David L. French as CEO, Obsidian is well adapted to the industry.

Obsidian Energy Continues to Thrive

Advancing a company’s performance or position means making changes. These changes are meant to transform and prepare the company for the new position or level that is anticipated. This is the same approach Penn West Petroleum Ltd used. Today this company is called Obsidian Energy. The overhaul was a success because the company later stabilized. It began performing better than before. The portfolio increased worth by adding valuable assets.

Having a good idea is one thing while implementing it is another. It is not always that people with good ideas are able to implement them successfully. David French is among the ones who were able to lead the company through the overhaul. He has been with the company since 2016 yet French has achieved a lot thus far. He appreciates whatever experience he got from his previous job. French has worked for a similar company to Obsidian Energy.


Although David is a good leader, he does not achieve daily success on his own. He has a team of qualified and experienced people. His employees are categorized in various groups and levels. This hierarchy is important in working towards the goals of the organization. David has competent managers and other leaders that he relies on to ensure daily operations are run smoothly. Obsidian Energy has a certain company culture that guides how people relate and work within the organization. This culture has helped to run things in the right direction. See Related Link to learn more.


Obsidian Energy understands that it cannot function without employees. Therefore, the company is mindful of employee welfare. It ensures they work in a favorable environment. Health and safety are priorities of the company. The oil business is also dynamic. Obsidian organizes events and opportunities for employees to learn. They can only be effective and competent if they are informed. Investing the employees has yielded good results because productivity has increased.

Obsidian Energy began on a strong note that got Stakeholders’ attention. This encouraging performance ought to be maintained. Changing the face of the company has brought a good outcome and the company is targeting higher heights. David French remains with a challenge of influencing his employees to perform better and continue growing every day. Obsidian Energy was at the apex of its success and was even among the sixty most prominent firms in the Toronto stock Exchange and was also a Canadian Royalty Trust (CANROY).


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Dr David Samadi, Chief of Urology, Lenox Hill Hospital

Have you ever had to face a life altering medical decision? It can be a very traumatic and humbling experience. You go through daily life knowing you don’t know everything, but believing you know enough to accomplish your goals. Then a seemingly routine doctor’s visit turns into life or death…and you have to choose who will take care of you.

Dr. David Samadi, Professor of Urology at Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine, is the person you want if you are a man facing prostate cancer. He has made a career of researching the best methods for early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of prostate cancer. While he has performed surgeries in 45 countries, Dr. Samadi’s experience also includes television and radio shows concerning men’s health. He has a website,, where he can share his knowledge with more people. You can also reserve a consultation with him through the site. His first and foremost concern is the quality of care given his patients.

After obtaining a biochemistry degree from Stony Brook University, he went on to complete medical school in 1994 from Stony Brook Medical School, and has continued with an illustrious career. Dr. David Samadi’s dedication to his craft is best seen by his patients. In 2001, he began a robotic radical prostatectomy fellowship at Henri Mondor Hospital Creteil in France. Currently he is Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. He has set up state-of-the-art robotics surgery units and a team of professionals to work with him, doing up to five robotic prostate surgeries a day when needed. His team has worked together over two decades and each knows his or her position and what is expected. They are a tight knit work family.

While prostate cancer is Dr. David Samadi’s specialty, his interests include other areas of men’s health as well. His center at Lenox Hill Hospital is a comprehensive one-stop shop for men to be sure their heart, lung, prostate, fertility, and testosterone levels are all in good condition. To know more about him click here.

Everyone needs to have outlets for stress. Dr. Samadi uses deep breathing to manage it, surrounding himself with people he can trust. He spends time with family and friends, plays sports (particularly tennis), and lots of backgammon. He credits his love of backgammon partly from being part of a Persian community, but also considers it very challenging – like life.

The US Money Reserve Makes Sure They Can Help Others

The idea of the US Money Reserve working to provide people with the options they need is something that has continued to make it easier for them to try their best. The company knows what it will take to give back to their customers and they know the right way to do business is to always look out for their customers’ interests first. There have been several opportunities people have had to make sure they are doing things right and that all goes back to how the industry works for others. While US Money Reserve knows they can do their best, they also know they can provide people with the things they need to be as successful as possible. US Money Reserve knows what it takes and knows there will be things they can use to try and help others out with the situations they are in.


By looking at these opportunities, US Money Reserve knows how they can make things better and knows how they can show people they are doing the best job possible. Everything the company does is aimed at giving people what they can use to make things better and offering them new opportunities they can take advantage of in different situations. For US Money Reserve, this is part of how they can make things better and part of what they can use to give their customers everything they need.


US Money Reserve continues to show people they have a lot of opportunities. They also want others to realize they are doing their best to make sure things are going to work for them. While the US Money Reserve is doing everything they can to provide these options to their clients, they are also continuing to show them that things will change based on the options they have. It goes back to the way the company works and part of their mission to give everything they can to their customers.


While the US Money Reserve does not always have everything their customers need, they will continue to look for those things as they grow their business. They want their customers to have everything that will allow them to try their best and will give them what they are looking for. It goes back to the industry standards they have set and the things they have made themselves do so they can try more for their customers.


Omar Boraie has a Father’s Tender Heart

Omar Boraie is a rich man who has a fatherly heart the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey. He has used his real estate company over the past 40 years to rebuild New Brunswick so that it was as prominent and influential as any of the great European cities he saw during his travels. While the work was hard, his dream is now the reality of everybody living in the city.

Over the years, Omar Boraie has invested $150 million to make his vision a reality. He built up the residential areas of his city and revamped the commercial sector so that young professionals would be willing to call New Brunswick home. Omar Boraie kept none of the profit from this investment but instead set it aside as grant money to send impoverished children to college.

According to Patch, Omar Boraie knew that New Brunswick had to grow in four different areas if it was to succeed. In its current state, no family would want to call this place home. To make matters worse, New Brunswick had a dying economy since they were losing current businesses and had a hard time bringing new ones into the area. Lastly, the middle class had left the city.

Sam Boraie set to work to begin initiatives to help New Brunswick become a more loving community. Omar Boraie did dozens of things, but the most popular by far was his summer movie nights. Omar Boraie agreed to pay for seven movies to be shown for free through the State Theater as long as they would provide the space for families. After advertising extensively, 7500 families were able to come through the doors and enjoy quality time with one another.

Omar Boraie then began working tirelessly to read grow the economy. His first step was to stop jobs leaving the area. He sat down with the corporate leaders of Johnson & Johnson and convinced them it was in their best interest to stay in the city. Once the big boy in town committed to the city other businesses were much more confident in staying. You can visit their website

Omar then began looking for ways to bring young professionals back to the city. His strategy was to build the highest class office space but offer it at middle-class prices. This strategy succeeded and New Brunswick became a major hub for upstart doctors, attorneys, and surgeons who are looking to begin their influential practices.