Eva Moskowitz is Challenging the School System

Eva Moskowitz believes that every child can succeed in school and deserves the opportunity for a proper education. It is her life’s mission to change the thinking that children from low-income, minority communities cannot excel academically, and she worked for decades to make her dream a reality.


Eva Moskowitz is the founder and CEO of Success Charter Schools. She began the original Success Academy in Harlem in 2006, and as of now, they operate 41 schools and employee hundreds of teachers. Eva Moskowitz has built the largest and most respected charter school network in New York City, giving an opportunity to thousands of underprivileged students trapped in failing schools.


Eva Moskowitz was recently in Washington, D.C. to accept the Broad Prize, which every year goes to the charter school operator that demonstrates outstanding scholastic results for students that come from low-income and minority neighborhoods. Besides the prestige, the award comes with a $250,000 grant. The grant money will be used to fund college readiness programs for students at Success Academy. Eva Moskowitz said she appreciates the recognition of the school’s accomplishments with underserved children.


A big part of the program at Success is getting and keeping parents involved in the education process. Eva Moskowitz believes that many schools view parents as obstacles to progress, while at Success parents are seen as essential partners in the achievements of their children. The parental involvement in their child’s studies goes to prove that no matter where people come from, no matter what income or background, parents want their kids to succeed in life. Eva Moskowitz and Success Charter Schools have given this incredible opportunity to thousands of parents and students.




Eva Moskowitz Leads Success Academy to Incredible Results

Eva Moskowitz has exceptional qualities as an educator, administrator and innovator in New York City and moxie to stand firm in her convictions about what is good education. Why “moxie” Eva Moskowitz? It takes courage and conviction to stand up to the New York City Schools and protect the successful reading program in the charter school, Success Academy.

Eva Moskowitz received the 2017 Broad Prize for Public Charter Schools for her work as CEO of the largest network of charter schools in New York City, Success Academy.

Success Academy serves 14,000 students in New York City in 41 elementary, middle and high schools. Two other academic finalists were in Denver and in Texas. The award is from Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation and the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. The Broad Prize, includes a $250,000 award. It is given to an outstanding charter network demonstrating excellence in academic performance among students of color or low-income.

The dedication of teachers, students and families made it possible for Success Academy to grow rapidly and serve thousands of students without sacrificing academic progress. The director of the Broad Foundation applauds Success Academy and all who are involved with the Moskowitz program. This is a major victory Eva Moskowitz and Success Academy.

A significant difference between the “Balanced Literacy” program for New York City Schools and that of Success Academy is the focus of what is included in that program. The City schools reflect on the student’s experiences, like a mirror. The Moskowitz Way is to focus on looking out the window rather into a mirror, to broaden horizons. Another difference is the degree of parental involvement. As a charter school, Success expects and receives a high level of involvement from parents.

Launching Success Academy Education Institute, Eva Moskowitz sent free copies of their reading lessons to 15,000 educators in hundreds of districts across the nation. Moskowitz is also opening a facility in the City to give lessons interested educators.

“If schools could only do one thing, for us, it would be to teach kids to fall in love with reading and read incredibly well,” Eva Moskowitz said.

It took about 2 years to build the first online version of the Education Institute. It includes a web-based platform with lesson plans, instructional videos, reading lists and more. With typical moxie, Eva Moskowitz is developing a new digital literacy platform to run 100 Success Academy charter schools in the city by 2024.