Robert Deignan a Tech Guru

Robert Deignan is a world-renowned serial entrepreneur. Deignan currently serves as the CEO of ATS Digital Services a privately held company that he co-founded in August of 2011. The Boca Raton, Florida based digital firm is focused on helping consumers around the world solve emerging technological issues that range from connectivity to general troubleshooting.


Robert Deignan has spent the better part of his life in Florida, United States of America. Deignan was born Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Deignan in a quest for education attended St Thomas Aquinas High School from 1988 to 1992. Deignan is an alumnus of Purdue University where he graduated with a B.S in Business Management in 1995. Deignan, a great footballer, played for several top American football teams such as the Miami Dolphins and the NY jets among others.


Robert Deignan immediately after his education began his entrepreneurship journey and co-founded Fanlink, Inc in July 1998. Deignan worked for Fanlink, Inc for almost three years. Deignan in the year 2002 joined the Boynton Beach-based iS3, Inc. firm where he served as the company Executive Vice President. Deignan served in the position for almost a decade. He left the firm in June 2011.


Deignan Departure from iS3, Inc. was the beginning of another eventful entrepreneurship journey for him. Deignan in August of 2011 co-founded ATS Digital Services, LLC where he still serves to date as the company CEO. ATS focuses on providing technical tech solutions. The company boasts of having sophisticated remote troubleshooting capabilities.


Robert Deignan, a tech guru, gives insights on how people can create a healthier relationship with technology. Technology and advancements made in the industry have made life much better. However, anything good also has its negative side. If you decide to keenly look at the people around you whether in the office or on the streets you will notice they spent a considerable amount of time on their phones. Besides, the world of today requires lots of people to work behind a computer for a significant amount of time daily. All these activities according to Robert Deignan are not healthy. Too much consumption of something is terrible says, Deignan.


It is certain that technology has created many opportunities for techpreneurs and it has paved the way for many discoveries in the health sector. Despite all these significant improvements in our everyday lives, we must use technology in moderation if we intend to live a healthy and happier life.

Eva Moskowitz Leads Success Academy to Incredible Results

Eva Moskowitz has exceptional qualities as an educator, administrator and innovator in New York City and moxie to stand firm in her convictions about what is good education. Why “moxie” Eva Moskowitz? It takes courage and conviction to stand up to the New York City Schools and protect the successful reading program in the charter school, Success Academy.

Eva Moskowitz received the 2017 Broad Prize for Public Charter Schools for her work as CEO of the largest network of charter schools in New York City, Success Academy.

Success Academy serves 14,000 students in New York City in 41 elementary, middle and high schools. Two other academic finalists were in Denver and in Texas. The award is from Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation and the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. The Broad Prize, includes a $250,000 award. It is given to an outstanding charter network demonstrating excellence in academic performance among students of color or low-income.

The dedication of teachers, students and families made it possible for Success Academy to grow rapidly and serve thousands of students without sacrificing academic progress. The director of the Broad Foundation applauds Success Academy and all who are involved with the Moskowitz program. This is a major victory Eva Moskowitz and Success Academy.

A significant difference between the “Balanced Literacy” program for New York City Schools and that of Success Academy is the focus of what is included in that program. The City schools reflect on the student’s experiences, like a mirror. The Moskowitz Way is to focus on looking out the window rather into a mirror, to broaden horizons. Another difference is the degree of parental involvement. As a charter school, Success expects and receives a high level of involvement from parents.

Launching Success Academy Education Institute, Eva Moskowitz sent free copies of their reading lessons to 15,000 educators in hundreds of districts across the nation. Moskowitz is also opening a facility in the City to give lessons interested educators.

“If schools could only do one thing, for us, it would be to teach kids to fall in love with reading and read incredibly well,” Eva Moskowitz said.

It took about 2 years to build the first online version of the Education Institute. It includes a web-based platform with lesson plans, instructional videos, reading lists and more. With typical moxie, Eva Moskowitz is developing a new digital literacy platform to run 100 Success Academy charter schools in the city by 2024.