Madison Street Capital Ends the Year with Another Accolade

Madison Street Capital has generated the highest class of business excellence in the M&A industry. The expert services of the investment banker have helped many middle market companies to successfully acquire or integrate their services to make them more innovative and unique. With exceptional M&A services, Madison has won many industrial appreciations since it founded. Recently, it won M&A Advisor Awards in November 2017. The 16th edition of the annual Award program administered by M&A Advisor took place on November 13. In the event took place in New York City, the firm declared as the winner in the Debt Financing Transaction of the Year category for helping WLR Automotive to complete its deal.



David Fergusson of the M&A Advisor confirmed that the group is recognizing M&A dealmakers, transactions, and firms since it established in 2002. In the year, Madison was elected from a group of highly qualified 650 participating companies. Fergusson continued that by choosing Madison, the investment banker is elated considering the standards set by the investment banker in the M&A industry. Madison represented the highest of the M&A industry in the year and qualified for the recognition by offering something unique from the group of highly notable candidates.



Charles Botchway, the President of Madison Street Capital, expressed his happiness over the recognition. He said that the firm is really honored by the Awards from the M&A Advisor in its debt financing section. He showered with praise on Barry Petersen, the SMD of Madison, who managed the transaction and thanked WLR Automotive for offering the transaction opportunity. In addition to the Awards in the section, the firm also became the finalist in Financial Deal under 250MM and Boutique Investment Banker categories for the year.



Apart from the Awards program, the event also saw the M&A Advisor Summit for the year 2017. It saw participation from over 500 professionals from mergers and acquisition industry from around the globe. It had exclusive interactive forums initiated by almost 35 stalwarts from academic, media, M&A, and industry. Apart from the M&A category awards, the event also saw the distribution of some individual awards to recognize people who played outstanding roles in the industry.



It was in 2005, the investment banker was established, and the firm is known for making careful analysis and providing precise recommendations in the mergers and acquisitions industry. Madison is known for providing highest quality services to the middle market companies in a number of areas such as financial opinion, valuation for financial reporting, corporate advisory services, and business valuation. The firm has expanded its services beyond North America and currently has offices in Asia and Africa. It is also known for involving in a number philanthropic initiatives and designed a Disaster Fund for the United Way.


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What does a volcanic rock have to do with oil and natural gas? Not much really, but enough to inspire the name of a major Canadian oil company. Founded in 1979, Obsidian Energy has experienced several changes along the way with the most obvious being the recent name change from Penn West Petroleum in June 2017.


Obsidian Energy was founded in the Western Canadian province, Alberta to explore and produce oil in the oil-rich western sedimentary basins in Canada. It stemmed from the merging of several smaller oil companies to form Penn West Petroleum limited. The company grew asset wise as a consequence of purchasing oil and gas properties. The growth by itself was an effect of purchasing other smaller oil companies.


Arising from the need of a larger company with a higher operating status the company later acquired nearly all of BP Amoco’s Canadian shares. This plus several other purchases grew the company’s production harbor by more than twice its initial size.


More acquisition would follow in the years to come, and by 2002, Obsidian Energy, the then Penn West Petroleum was the dominant oil producer in central Alberta. This grew the company’s confidence and developed an upsurge in the desire for growth and diversity as seen by the company’s interest in coalbed methane in that same year.


In May 2005, Obsidian Energy completed restructuring from a corporation into an income trust, a change that had been proposed by the board of directors nine months before. The conversion to an income trust meant that the company would dispense its earning to the unitholders prior to paying tax. This witnessed major part of the company’s cash flow rechanneled from reinvestment to payment of dividends to the unitholders.


High growth potential and the restructuring enchanted investors to the company followed. More investors meant more financial might, and with might came the acquisition of shares in Midale oil pools and four other oil properties in the three years that followed. Go To This Page to learn more.


The company experienced another major change in 2011 when a federal requirement forced income trusts to revert back into corporations. A year later a shift in focus would see Penn West Petroleum major on light oil resources.


A name change, and nearly seven years later, with David L. French as CEO, Obsidian is well adapted to the industry.

Obsidian Energy Continues to Thrive

Advancing a company’s performance or position means making changes. These changes are meant to transform and prepare the company for the new position or level that is anticipated. This is the same approach Penn West Petroleum Ltd used. Today this company is called Obsidian Energy. The overhaul was a success because the company later stabilized. It began performing better than before. The portfolio increased worth by adding valuable assets.

Having a good idea is one thing while implementing it is another. It is not always that people with good ideas are able to implement them successfully. David French is among the ones who were able to lead the company through the overhaul. He has been with the company since 2016 yet French has achieved a lot thus far. He appreciates whatever experience he got from his previous job. French has worked for a similar company to Obsidian Energy.


Although David is a good leader, he does not achieve daily success on his own. He has a team of qualified and experienced people. His employees are categorized in various groups and levels. This hierarchy is important in working towards the goals of the organization. David has competent managers and other leaders that he relies on to ensure daily operations are run smoothly. Obsidian Energy has a certain company culture that guides how people relate and work within the organization. This culture has helped to run things in the right direction. See Related Link to learn more.


Obsidian Energy understands that it cannot function without employees. Therefore, the company is mindful of employee welfare. It ensures they work in a favorable environment. Health and safety are priorities of the company. The oil business is also dynamic. Obsidian organizes events and opportunities for employees to learn. They can only be effective and competent if they are informed. Investing the employees has yielded good results because productivity has increased.

Obsidian Energy began on a strong note that got Stakeholders’ attention. This encouraging performance ought to be maintained. Changing the face of the company has brought a good outcome and the company is targeting higher heights. David French remains with a challenge of influencing his employees to perform better and continue growing every day. Obsidian Energy was at the apex of its success and was even among the sixty most prominent firms in the Toronto stock Exchange and was also a Canadian Royalty Trust (CANROY).


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Dr David Samadi, Chief of Urology, Lenox Hill Hospital

Have you ever had to face a life altering medical decision? It can be a very traumatic and humbling experience. You go through daily life knowing you don’t know everything, but believing you know enough to accomplish your goals. Then a seemingly routine doctor’s visit turns into life or death…and you have to choose who will take care of you.

Dr. David Samadi, Professor of Urology at Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine, is the person you want if you are a man facing prostate cancer. He has made a career of researching the best methods for early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of prostate cancer. While he has performed surgeries in 45 countries, Dr. Samadi’s experience also includes television and radio shows concerning men’s health. He has a website,, where he can share his knowledge with more people. You can also reserve a consultation with him through the site. His first and foremost concern is the quality of care given his patients.

After obtaining a biochemistry degree from Stony Brook University, he went on to complete medical school in 1994 from Stony Brook Medical School, and has continued with an illustrious career. Dr. David Samadi’s dedication to his craft is best seen by his patients. In 2001, he began a robotic radical prostatectomy fellowship at Henri Mondor Hospital Creteil in France. Currently he is Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. He has set up state-of-the-art robotics surgery units and a team of professionals to work with him, doing up to five robotic prostate surgeries a day when needed. His team has worked together over two decades and each knows his or her position and what is expected. They are a tight knit work family.

While prostate cancer is Dr. David Samadi’s specialty, his interests include other areas of men’s health as well. His center at Lenox Hill Hospital is a comprehensive one-stop shop for men to be sure their heart, lung, prostate, fertility, and testosterone levels are all in good condition. To know more about him click here.

Everyone needs to have outlets for stress. Dr. Samadi uses deep breathing to manage it, surrounding himself with people he can trust. He spends time with family and friends, plays sports (particularly tennis), and lots of backgammon. He credits his love of backgammon partly from being part of a Persian community, but also considers it very challenging – like life.

The US Money Reserve Makes Sure They Can Help Others

The idea of the US Money Reserve working to provide people with the options they need is something that has continued to make it easier for them to try their best. The company knows what it will take to give back to their customers and they know the right way to do business is to always look out for their customers’ interests first. There have been several opportunities people have had to make sure they are doing things right and that all goes back to how the industry works for others. While US Money Reserve knows they can do their best, they also know they can provide people with the things they need to be as successful as possible. US Money Reserve knows what it takes and knows there will be things they can use to try and help others out with the situations they are in.


By looking at these opportunities, US Money Reserve knows how they can make things better and knows how they can show people they are doing the best job possible. Everything the company does is aimed at giving people what they can use to make things better and offering them new opportunities they can take advantage of in different situations. For US Money Reserve, this is part of how they can make things better and part of what they can use to give their customers everything they need.


US Money Reserve continues to show people they have a lot of opportunities. They also want others to realize they are doing their best to make sure things are going to work for them. While the US Money Reserve is doing everything they can to provide these options to their clients, they are also continuing to show them that things will change based on the options they have. It goes back to the way the company works and part of their mission to give everything they can to their customers.


While the US Money Reserve does not always have everything their customers need, they will continue to look for those things as they grow their business. They want their customers to have everything that will allow them to try their best and will give them what they are looking for. It goes back to the industry standards they have set and the things they have made themselves do so they can try more for their customers.


Omar Boraie has a Father’s Tender Heart

Omar Boraie is a rich man who has a fatherly heart the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey. He has used his real estate company over the past 40 years to rebuild New Brunswick so that it was as prominent and influential as any of the great European cities he saw during his travels. While the work was hard, his dream is now the reality of everybody living in the city.

Over the years, Omar Boraie has invested $150 million to make his vision a reality. He built up the residential areas of his city and revamped the commercial sector so that young professionals would be willing to call New Brunswick home. Omar Boraie kept none of the profit from this investment but instead set it aside as grant money to send impoverished children to college.

According to Patch, Omar Boraie knew that New Brunswick had to grow in four different areas if it was to succeed. In its current state, no family would want to call this place home. To make matters worse, New Brunswick had a dying economy since they were losing current businesses and had a hard time bringing new ones into the area. Lastly, the middle class had left the city.

Sam Boraie set to work to begin initiatives to help New Brunswick become a more loving community. Omar Boraie did dozens of things, but the most popular by far was his summer movie nights. Omar Boraie agreed to pay for seven movies to be shown for free through the State Theater as long as they would provide the space for families. After advertising extensively, 7500 families were able to come through the doors and enjoy quality time with one another.

Omar Boraie then began working tirelessly to read grow the economy. His first step was to stop jobs leaving the area. He sat down with the corporate leaders of Johnson & Johnson and convinced them it was in their best interest to stay in the city. Once the big boy in town committed to the city other businesses were much more confident in staying. You can visit their website

Omar then began looking for ways to bring young professionals back to the city. His strategy was to build the highest class office space but offer it at middle-class prices. This strategy succeeded and New Brunswick became a major hub for upstart doctors, attorneys, and surgeons who are looking to begin their influential practices.

Daniel Taub Role as a Diplomat

Daniel Taub is an internationally recognized lawyer and Israel diplomat to the United Kingdom. The renowned professional has also gained popularity because of his publications that focus on the Middle East and Israel. In the past, the lawyer has written his articles on essential platforms such as The Guardian, The Times, The Huffington Post and the Daily Telegraph. Getting an article published in these newspapers is not a walk in the park. Only respected individuals in the society are given these rights. People who are knowledgeable and experienced in various areas are the only ones given the opportunity to publish their work in the platforms. Daniel Taub is the author of a famous book known as Parasha Diplomatit.


Apart from his numerous accomplishments in the writing department, Taub has managed to create several scripts for some of the popular drama series in Israel. One of the series is known as HeChatzer, and Taub describes it as one of his best in the industry. When he is not working as a diplomat, the businessman loves to lecture and write, especially on matters concerning international law. The successful businessman has a lot of expertise in negotiation theory. At one time, Daniel Taub was working as the speechwriter for the president of Israel, Chaim Herzog.


Daniel Taub loves serving his country. When Daniel was appointed to work as the Israel diplomat in the United Kingdom, people were sure that he was the right candidate for the job, and he was going to deliver exceptional results. Four years later, Daniel Taub has proven to be the best candidate for the position. Despite the numerous challenges in the post, Taub has done his best to deliver the kind of results the people have been expecting.


After working in the United Kingdom for more than four years, the internationally recognized lawyer has announced that he will be leaving the diplomat position. Daniel Taub has not yet talked about his next move, but people believe that he will work to make Israel a better country. When serving as a diplomat in the UK, Daniel Taub made sure that the trade between the two countries increased, and this is one of the legacies that he has left behind. The state has not yet announced the professional who will be taking Daniel Taub’s position in the future. Whoever will take his job will be required to work hard and prove to the community that he has the qualities needed. Learn more:




Securus Technologies Has A New Plan To Help Prison Workers Keep Safe

Securus Technologies began almost 20 years ago with a group of people who wanted to change history forever. These individuals kept up with the transformation of technology, but they always wondered why prison inmates were not granted access to new technology. Though inmates are serving time for serious crimes, the originators of Securus Technologies believes all inmates should have access to the newest technology on the market.


Securus Technologies was originally a company that created and distributed original technology to the public, but they soon turned all their focus on helping inmates gain access to modern technology.


Securus Technologies has just changed history again. They created a technology that allows prison workers to keep safe while on and off the job. This new technology is called wireless containment systems. Once this technology is installed, it allows Securus to gain access to cell phones within the prison. Securus can then turn the cell phone off every time a call is made.


The person campaigning for wireless containment systems is Robert Johnson. Robert was a prison worker, and his job was to take possession of cell phones found inside of prison cells. One day, after Robert left work, he was ambushed and almost killed. After getting out of the hospital, Robert discovered that the attack on his life was orchestrated by an inmate with a cell phone. After hearing about Securus developing this new technology, Robert Johnson was compelled to get involved.


In addition to gaining access to cell phones, Securus Technologies is trying to gain access to social media accounts. An entire department is working on ways to use the wireless containment systems hardware and software to infiltrate the world of social media. The goal is to disconnect an account before an inmate can use social media to send out an order to have a crime committed. The social media branch of wireless containment systems is expected to be functioning by early 2018.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco, The President Of Bradesco, Finding What It Takes To Revive Brazil’s Economy

Bradesco is at the center of Brazil’s finance industry and the past decade has been tough. Not only is the loan market increasingly competitive, but the government’s never-ending bureaucracy is at the heels of all of the big banks in the country. Despite all of this, the leadership of Luiz Trabuco has kept Bradesco’s profits at all-time high thanks to smart planning and diversifying.

Although Luiz’s run as a CEO is quite short-lived, the company has a strict age limit that will force him to soon retire. The company’s board of directors are forced to decide to change this age restriction to let him continue or to dive into the unknown by electing a new CEO of the company.

Dedication to the company

Luiz Trabuco’s success likely stems from that fact that he has been in the banking industry since he had graduated from high school. He started in low-level positions whilst in school and upgraded to executive positions decades later. He is one of the few CEO’s in the world to work for the same company their entire life, which is the type of dedication that a large financial firm really needs to get through tough times.


Increasing The Market Share

Luiz had lived through many transformations of the company. It had gone from a relatively small bank with few branches to a financial giant that had overtaken 25 percent of the market.

By the 1980’s the Brazillian market had changed rapidly and old-school corporations were needing to change with it. The marketing department of Bradesco was rather stale and they tried their best to stay out of the spotlight of the media. Luiz Trabuco had changed the way they did PR and advertising completely. He had increased relations with local media groups and kept the maximum attention possible on Bradesco, which had been a contributing factor to its growth in the upcoming years.

Trabuco had especially been involved with its take over of the insurance industry. When he had control of Bradesco’s Insurance Group in 2003, he soon increased its market share to a solid 35 percent. It was such a dramatic increase that it had become one of the company’s primary sources of income.

There had also been rapid growth in the private pension sector since government pensions are unreliable. Pension plans are usually treated as an add-on to government plans instead of replacements.

Bradesco has also acquired a lot of assets in the past decade. Both Trabuco and the previous CEO have bought out other financial companies, including the Brazilian branch of HSBC. The current trend is large corporations are merging or acquiring smaller companies in order to dominate the markets, in which Bradesco must also do so to adapt.

A Company With Few Leaders

Bradesco has had a rather short history, in comparison to other large corporations, with a lifespan of just 64 years according to Within their history, the vast majority of it was lead by the founder, Amador Aguiar, until his death in the early 1990s. The death was rather devastating to the company and a successor would be rather hard to choose.

The board of directors had to come up with last-minute plans to vote for a CEO and create rules for the first time. This is why there are still demands for reform since the board of directors is still rather immature for such a large company. If things like age limit terms are modified, this will allow for uninterrupted terms from good CEO’s so that changes will not have to be made at the last minute.

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Daniel Taub – article recap

As the Ambassador of the State of Israel to the United Kingdom, Daniel Taub garnered quite the reputation over the past four years, and as he prepares to make his exit from the position, he sat down with Manchester City Fan to reflect on time spent. Known for his impeccable witticism, as well as his proper demeanor, Mr. Taub, who was probably rivaled in likeability by only Shlomo Argov. One of the key characteristics of Mr. Taub’s personal philosophy is to never look back, instead focusing on what the future holds. By staying true to this mindset, Mr. Taub, along with his associates, was able to accomplish a myriad of things that were previously deemed nearly impossible. As Israel information centers where opened up in previously untapped locations, such as Wales and Scotland, Mr. Taub views this as a testament to the progress between Israel and the United Kingdom.


Daniel Taub also places significant emphasis on the importance of his reading material, choosing to stick closely to topics that are similar to the events happening in his daily life. When elected to give a lecture on Israel’s presence in the history of English literature, he admitted that he immersed himself in classic novels that discussed the subject. As his four-year career as the Ambassador of the State of Israel draws near to a close, Mr. Taub admitted that he does have one particular regret. By nature, his position is very demanding, and because of this, he realized that he didn’t get to enjoy the British theater to the extent that he would have liked, and as he is currently on holiday, has decided to enjoy as much of it as possible, along with his family.


Throughout his career as the Ambassador of the State of Israel, Daniel Taub realized that it was important to converse with friends and foes alike, as both may have something positive to offer in the long run. Because of this, Mr. Taub decided to meet with individuals that were publicly critical of Israel and realized that he learned a great deal about perspectives during these private conversations. As he prepares to leave the post that he has so valiantly held, Mr. Taub continues to emphasize the importance of family and plans to spend as much quality time as possible with them in the near future.


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