Jana Messerschmidt, Reading for Children and More

Jana Messerschmidt used to be an engineer. Since she has an engineering background, she has a brain process that’s 100 percent methodical in nature. She starts contemplating overarching subjects. She recognizes objectives that can get her moving as well. Jana Lightspeed has the ability to organize methods that can assist her with any and all career aspirations.

Messerschmidt has a lot of enthusiasm for all kinds of up-and-coming concepts these days. She’s enthralled by transportation and how it may influence individuals later. She has a lot of curiosity that involves transportation and urban environments. Jana Lightspeed has been an angel investor for various transportation firms.

Messerschmidt has a penchant for jotting things down regularly. Documenting things in words assists her in entrepreneurship. It even assists her with Lightspeed duties. This professional had many frets throughout her university and college years. She then agonized over the fact that she had no choice but to grasp her destiny in full. She was an engineering student who had anxiety that involved all of her career pathways.

She was reared in the Midwestern region of the United States in Illinois. Her community was tiny. Residents of the community were typically not well-versed in computer science and engineering. They didn’t have a lot of familiarity that involved technology.

This woman isn’t someone who is keen on squandering her resources. If she purchases anything, she backs it completely. She not long ago registered with Liberati. Liberati, in brief, is a book subscription business that caters to kids. She relishes monthly parcels that consist of five examples of literature. These books are suitable for children. Messerschmidt is a devoted mother who is always trying to give her sweet daughter everything she needs to take over the planet. Messerschmidt never ignores the things that make reading so indispensable.


Rick Cofer and Efforts to Implement Recycling in Parks

The banning of single use plastic has become widespread across the world. More cities are implementing laws and bans to help the environment and create a healthier lifestyle and world for the upcoming generations. However, in 2018, Austin residents were disappointed to learn that Texas Supreme Court made a decision to dismantle the ban of single use plastic. Many of the residents of Austin will continue to use reusable bags instead of plastic, despite the decision.

Rick Cofer, a criminal defense attorney in Travis county and a chairman of the Austin Parks and Recreation, agrees in the banning of single plastic use and believes that retailers will uphold that ban despite plastic still being available. Rick Cofer also serves in many different non-profits that benefit the environment, one of them being chairman of the Austin Zero Waste Commission, where he has led communities into recycling more and using less plastic. Since the ban on single plastic use was reversed, he has made it a mission to create more recycling areas available in parks. There are many parks that have no recycling whatsoever, so Rick Cofer Law has proposed different plans and budgets to make that a reality.

According to medicaldailytimes, two of the proposals of budget plans that the Parks and Recreation Recycling Task Force have presented are:

Option A: A one-year plan that would cost more than $1.3 million, and that money would come from the city’s budget, donors, and from a monthly clean community fee increase of 31 cents.

Option B: A two year-plan of $802,500 and the money would come from the same sources as Option A. However, the monthly clean community fee would only be 16 cents.

Although there is a proposal, one of the hurdles the task force is facing is the actual planning. There can’t be much done if there is a proposal but no action is put into either of the plans. The money from the sources would go into a recycling program coordinator, 800 additional receptacles, 900 signs at all Parks and Recreation facilities, a park ground specialist, public education, temporary employees, and ongoing collection and hauling services. Rick Cofer is really pushing for the city to recycle and take up on either option in order to not just be a city that talks the talk about recycling and being environmentally friendly.


Heather Parry Helps Celebrities Bring Their Story to the Big Screen

Heather Parry became president of Live Nation Productions back in December of 2015. Since its inception, the company has produced several documentaries for famous celebrities. Live Nation Productions has produced documentaries for Lady Gaga, Sean “Diddy” Combs, and the lead singer of Imagine Dragons, Dan Reynolds. Currently in the works are documentaries for Noah Cyrus and Kim Petras.

A good example of how Heather Parry operates her company is how she got involved with “A Star is Born,” featuring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. When she heard Bradley Cooper was going to direct the movie she quickly called his agent, David Bugliari. He was on a ski life at the time, but he called Bradley and got back to Heather shortly after. After the phone call, Heather went to a party for Martha Stewart at the home of Bill Gerber, who is one of the producers of the film. She got Bill in a corner and started pitching her production company for the movie. She wanted to show them how assertive she can be.

Before her work at Live Nation Productions, Heather Parry spent twelve years working at MTV. She started with MTV News and later became the West Coast Bureau Chief. She produced “The Week in Rock,” “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” and a remake of “The Longest Yard.” After she left MTV, she worked at Happy Madison Productions for Adam Sandler for ten years. While there she produced “The House Bunny,” “Pixels,” and “Just Go with It.” She is now able to put her experience and passion for music and movies together in one place at Live Nation Productions.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar’s Path To Greatness

The prominent Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute in Dallas, Texas, is home to some of the finest plastic surgeons in the game. One of the very best just so happens to be known as Sameer Jejurikar. This particular surgeon is board-certified, and he has a heart of gold. When it comes to patient reviews, this man has been ranked at the top of the list on many occasions. In 2012, Dr. Jerurikar was presented with the “Compassionate Doctor Certification” thanks to his near-perfect bedside manner. Feedback actually comes from patients who access health-related websites such as Vitals and Patient’s Choice. Let’s dive a bit deeper into who this man truly is.

Sameer Jejurikar specializes in plastic surgery that deals with the nose, face, eyes, body and breast. This man is one of the most proactive surgeons in the industry, especially when it comes to safe-surgery practices. There’s always a risk of developing complications when you go under the knife. As the demand for plastic surgery continues to skyrocket, the chance for running into more complications will increase. Dr. Jejurikar has taken safety to the next level by participating as a member in the Multi-society Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force. This special task force is composed of many board-certified plastic surgeons, and they have pooled their knowledge to come up with the most proficient solutions for combatting surgical issues. Performing anatomic surgeries that other surgeons can use to provide the safest environment possible is the goal.

This man has received his medical doctorate from the University of Michigan Medical School, which is a top-25 institution in America. Dr. Jejurikar has provided his services for more than 20 years, and there seems to be no slowing down in the future.

Find out more about Sameer: http://www.linkedin.com/in/sam-jejurikar

Nick Vertucci Contributions

Nick Vertucci is a prominent poker player, author and real estate investor; over the years he has experienced difficult situations including making losses in the business. Previously Vertucci had ventured in the technology business, but since he did not have adequate skills or guidelines, he lost a lot of many. Nick Vertucci was depressed for his failure but took many risks to come back to business. Nick was inspired by his friend to attend a conference of real estate, and with time he realized all he needed was an inspiration and making the right decisions to make it in life. Vertucci was inspired in the conference he made friends with other investors who supported him to start his real estate company.

Nick Vertucci as the CEO of his real estate institution has the mandate of making vital decisions and employing expertise to train other people on the steps they should consider in business to excel. NVREA has enrolled many students across the United States, and since there are other subsidiaries of the school in California and Nevada, it’s straightforward for interested students to join the school. Nick Vertucci has set an example to many investors giving people the opportunity to learn before investing their money. According to Nick success is brought by an investor having the mental strength to persevere any hardships of risks facing the business. He has written a book released in April 2018, Seven Figure Decision to give people a source of inspiration and knowledge on the steps and path they should follow to excel in business.

Having extensive expertise in the investment field, Vertucci shares his insight through the book sharing his story and giving recommendations on how people should set plans, believe in their dreams and then have the confidence to execute their ideas in business. Seven Figure Decisions readers have given their insight saying that the book has helped them to make vital decisions in life as well as venturing in business. The primary goal of Mr. Vertucci was to encourage people to believe in their selves to gain financial freedom. He tries to pass across ideas on how people should embrace change and be mentally prepared to face difficult situations and not be depressed.

Vertucci is also a ferocious poker player; he started playing in small casinos before joining world champions. Vertucci has always believed in making his dreams a reality; hence by playing with experts, he gained extensive skills that made him a champion. Also, Vertucci plays a significant role as a motivational speaker by taking to investors in seminars as well as his students; he is devoted to sharing new ideas they can use in their business to avoid losses.

Vertucci in the Real Estate business encourages people to buy when their low demand and then after the demand arises that’s when to sell. Through poker playing, Vertucci learned to be patient which is a vital virtual in the real estate sector. Vertucci has transformed the lives of many people across the globe.

The Impact Of Steve Lesnard In The Sports Industry


Steve Lesnard is a renowned Global Brand Consultant whose ideology is always finding a consumer problem and working towards resolving it. Throughout his profession, Mr. Lesnard has participated in multiple international activities such as leading high profile international brand initiatives, launching iconic items and establishing sophisticated affiliations across different fields. The most recognized collaborations pioneered by Steve include partnerships across sports, lifestyle, and technology.


As a global executive, Mr. Steve Lesnard demonstrated his interests in sports, which resulted in his enrolment in a sports brand. Being the Sports Marketing and Footwear Manager, Steve Lesnard led the Canadian and American teams into winning the snowboarding gold medals. See Related Link for more information.


Besides, Mr. Lesnard has served in the Women & Cross Brand where he redefined the experience for women in retail sports. He championed for the creation of the premier women’s retail stores in partnerships with influential personalities like Jamie King, Madonna and an international superstar famous as Rihanna. Through this, Steve inspired many women to engage actively in sports activities. As he finalized his tenure at the company, Steve transformed the running division of the brand into the fastest-developing category with revenue worth $5.3 billion. In the latter, he utilized technology to augment products like the Lunar, Vaporfly shoe and Vapormax and Reaction Innovations. Upon leaving the Women’s brand, Mr. Lesnard decided to incept his organization.


His idea for consumer marketing and international brand landscape developed from his passion for varying nations and cultures. As such, Steve’s aim was to travel the globe frequently to experience different cultures. According to Mr. Lesnard, sports are a global language that has enabled him to integrate numerous gaps in different cultures. Steve Lesnard focuses on establishing common values, which will leverage sports and consumer moments thus creating incredible experiences. Besides traveling and pursuing his passion, Steve Lesnard brings his concepts into life through interaction and communication with his teammates.


Mr. Steve Lesnard appreciates the personalization at scale trend. He postulates that today’s globe gives brands the opportunity to customize their operations through the integration of consumer data. According to Steve, the continuous personalization of brands to suit consumers’ needs will boost the relationship between the entities. Through curiosity, speculation of the market will enhance the determination of client needs appropriately.


View source article: https://ideamensch.com/steve-lesnard/


The Creative Industry Sensation, Ryan Seacrest


Ryan Seacrest is a familiar face on the screens as well as a voice you can quickly identify. Being an award-winning creative entrepreneur, many shows seek him out to grace their occasions from time to time. He is the host of the second season of American Idol series. This is just one of the shows he has hosted. He has been involved in many other nationally recognized shows on local radio, broadcast as well as cable television. He is a jack of all trades in the creative industry.

Other than hosting shows, Ryan Seacrest is a fantastic producer. He has been part of the creative team in a lot of entertainment companies. Ryan Seacrest’s artistic talent is diverse and therefore very convenient for any company that wants to iconic shows.

Being a host and a producer, Ryan Seacrest hosts different shows that have a considerable following. Some of these shows are; On air with Ryan Seacrest- which is a morning drive-time show in Los Angeles. This show is ranked among the top 40 radio shows, and that gives Ryan credibility that is irrefutable. He also co-hosts a show with Kelly, dubbed ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan.’ For this show, he is also the executive producer.

Ryan Seacrest entrepreneurial skills are seen in his entertainment production company, Ryan Seacrest Productions. Among the shows produced by RSP include; Keeping up with the Kardashians, YouTube’s Best.Cover.Ever, Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset, I love Kellie Pickler, Shades of Blue and Jamie Oliver’s Food Production.

Apart from the media industry, Ryan Seacrest has also invested in fashion and skincare. He has a menswear collection known as Ryan Seacrest Distinction where he deals with fashionable clothes for men. The skincare line also has its focus on men. Through a partnership with a renowned dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer, they have a skincare line called ‘Polished by Dr. Lancer.’ Brands like Coca-Cola and Ford have also had a long-standing endorsement relationship with Ryan.

With all this success and industriousness, Ryan Seacrest also puts his time in philanthropic activities. He is mostly involved in youth initiatives. He even has a foundation under his name-Ryan Seacrest Foundation, that he uses to start up broadcast media centers in pediatric hospitals all over the country. So far he has set up 10 of them. As an honorary chair of the Grammy Foundation and a board member of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, he is doing so much more in giving back to society.


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Ryan Seacrest The Television And Radio Icon Of Great Repute


Ryan Seacrest is a co-host and executive producer of the Disney ABC morning live show with Kelly and Ryan. He is also a host and executive producer of ABC New Year eve that is held every year, Clark’s New Year Rockin’ Eve. Ryan Seacrest is also the top show franchise E1Live from the Red Carpet. Seacrest is in charge of Ryan Seacrest productions an Emmy award-winning production company. His company is the producer of Keeping up with the Kardashians as well as spinoffs.


He is also credited for producing other shows such as Bravo’s Shah’s of Sunset, CMT’S I love Kellie Pickler and Youtube’s best cover ever. Ryan Seacrest has been running a menswear clothing line called Ryan Seacrest Distinction. The clothing line is sold entirely at Macy’s and a skincare product line in partnership with a dermatologist of international repute Doctor Harold Lancer. H also has long term endorsement deals with top-notch companies such as Coca-Cola and Ford.


He has been engaged in charitable initiatives geared at improving the standard of living in the community. He serves the chairman of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The philanthropic has opened ten broadcast journalism and media centers. Seacrest Studios are in pediatric health centers in different cities across the country. Ryan Seacrest is also on the board of management at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and has. Seacrest has also been given an honorary portfolio of the chair of the Grammy Foundation. Go To This Page for related information.


Ryan Seacrest grew up in Atlanta; he has been a key figure in television and radio for a long period of time. He began as the host of kids shows such as Gladiators 2000, Fox Family’s Wild Animal Games. In the summer of 2002, he gradually began to find his way to American Idol. In 2004, he took over Casey Kasem’s role as host of the American Top 40. The man was bitten by a small shark in 2008. His energetic stature has been of immense contribution to his image. He was actually a linesman on his high school soccer team. His ancestry is Swiss and German though he has a distant Irish origin.


Learn More: http://abc.go.com/shows/american-idol/cast/ryan-seacrest

How Ryan Seacrest Operates


Ryan Seacrest is a 43-year-elderly person who as of late moved to New York from Los Angeles. His fundamental reason for moving is a result of a morning TV show he holds called Live with Kelly Ripa. Moreover, Ryan has a national radio show. He is likewise a producer of the famous Hollywood reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians just as American Idol. He holds a TV show known as On Air with Ryan Seacrest. Ryan is in charge of running his own dress line store and skin care.

Ryan has an establishment called the Ryan Seacrest Foundation whose goal is to motivate the young people by offering activities dependent on diversion and instruction. He plans to manufacture communicate focuses on pediatric medical clinics so patients have a chance to explore media from radio and the television. Ryan’s run of the mill day is as follows.

Ryan Seacrest gets up at 6 o’clock in the morning before dawn and rapidly prepares for the activities of the day. Being his first time in New York, Ryan remembers to check the day’s weather forecast before picking the day’s outfit. He at that point proceeds to take his morning meal. He takes matcha tea which he says will help tone his body, implied for extraordinary things.

In the primary portion of his day, Ryan Seacrest focuses on work matters and after that ponders long haul issues amid whatever is left of the day. He says that he has figured out how to function an additional mile in specific occasions. He did this by preparing himself and understanding that only one out of every odd inquiry in life needs a quick answer.

Ryan Seacrest once worked for Dick Clark whom he used to respect when he was young. He used to watch him and Clark looked as though all that he did occured in a minute. At the point when Ryan got some information about it from Clark, he was informed that a telecaster or any host should make their crowd think or feel that the activity is simple and they can do it. This is a recommendation that Ryan was stuck with till date.


Go Here to visit his YouTube channel.


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Liu Qiangdong, The Founder And CEO JD.com


Liu Qiangdong is an entrepreneur who founded the JD.com business in the year 2004. JD.com is a multi-billion company currently worth $57.6 billion. It is now one of the largest e-commerce business serving over 100 million users. Its growth rate is rapidly making the Alibaba; it’s an enormous rival. Liu has distinguished himself and established himself, and he has become an internet celebrity in China and Forbes say that he has a net worth of $12 billion as of 2018.

Liu’s life

Richard Liu was born in a family of coal-shipping parents in China’s Jiangsu province. His parents taught him the value of hard work and encouraged him to do well in all he does. After his primary and secondary, studied sociology from Renmin University of China and graduated in 1996. He spent the time to fine-tune his programming, and he then enrolled for further educations with an EMBA from China Europe International Business School.


Upon graduation, Richard Liu was employed by a Japan Company dealing with health products where eventually he became director of computers in the company. In 1998, he left to start his venture. Liu rented space and called it, China’s Technology Hub. He realized a niche where there was a lot of business selling fake electronics. He took that opportunity to sell only authorized products to set himself apart from the competitors and to gain customers trust and loyalty. He succeeded and even opened twelve retail locations of his magneto-optical retail store. See This Article to learn more.

The transition from physical stores to online only

China’s outbreak of SARS in 2003 which shook the foundations of many retail shops, turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Liu Qiangdong. His business future was threatened, but Richard Liu was able to adapt and change with the change, and in 2004, he started JD.com

Business growth and expansion

Initially, he sold the magneto-optical products he initially sold in his brick and motor business. With time, business people saw profitability associated with his platform and wanted to sell their products on it. He leveraged these new business relationships into a long-term partnership. It wasn’t long, and JD.com sold a variety of goods. It has grown and expanded immensely. Today, Walmart is a shareholder of JD.com with 12 percent.


Visit his profile on https://www.linkedin.com/in/richard-liu-45113b47?originalSubdomain=cn