Robert Thikoll- The Expert In Lean Transformation

Robert Thikoll (Rob) started his career in lean/operational excellence 30 years ago. He found himself living an working in Toyota City Japan for a TopTier supplier to Toyota. There he quickly rose to become a thought leader amongst the ranks of those seeking to understand what exactly makes lean thinking so powerful.  Long time partners in advancement of lean thinking such as our organization, offer high praise and thanks to Rob for his contributions towards changing paradigms with lean thinking.


Rob has held positions of increasing responsibly at such lean minded companies as Danaher Corporation, Ingersoll Rand, and Gardner Denver.  As his career advanced and he found himself in the top echelons of these high performing companies, he become more and more entrenched in helping to design and roll out a comprehensive construct and approach to transforming a businesses. In fact, in each role he has held, he has painstakingly mentored and developed top talent that went on in many cases to become exemplary lean leaders in other departments or indeed other corporations.  A deep bench of peers and colleagues in lean regularly gather with Rob to discuss the evolutionary and revolutionary ideas.


When we recently caught up with Rob, we learned he has moved on to a  career in Business/Operational Excellence consulting and lean talent recruiting.  We followed up and are not surprised to hear from companies he has assisted in their lean transformation that the results have been quick and phenomenal.  Rob brings a no nonsense approach to accelerating education of the entire team and quickly moves towards turning the PDCA circle first for the benefit of the associate, then the customer, and finally the shareholder. His firm is called Essential Lean Group, LLC and partners with exceptional corporations big and small to drive lean transformation and top lean organizations.


Robert attended Arizona State University located in Tempe, Arizona and holds cum laude dual bachelor degrees in Political Science and Japanese Language.


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