Robert Thikoll- The Expert In Lean Transformation

Robert Thikoll has been the Vice President of Operational Excellence at Ingersoll Rand since October 2014. The stock market symbol for Ingersoll Rand is IR. Ingersoll Rand has $13 billion in revenues. Mr. Thikoll worked at Danaher from 2000 to 2015. During his time at Danaher, he served as vice president of global operations at Beckman Coulter Life Sciences. Before joining Danaher, Thikoll was at Aisin Takaoka for eight years.

Interpersonal communication is vital for Thikoll’s success as an entrepreneur. He recognized this when he failed to accept input from his teammates. Rob makes his day productive by doing more demanding tasks when he is alert. He starts his day with big meetings. In the mid-day, he answers emails. At the end of the day, he has individual meetings. Disruptive technological innovations are an exciting trend for Mr. Thikoll. In his free time, Rob enjoys playing with his remote control helicopter. His favorite book is Who by Geoff Smart and Randy Street. Thikoll is inspired by Michelangelo to continue learning.

As a business leader, Thikoll learned to be a role model, be respectful, and take risks. He realized that wealth is not a requirement for the enhancement of customer experience. Rob wants to challenge big companies in every industry and foreign governments to be lean thinkers.

The American headquarters of Ingersoll Rand are in Davidson, North Carolina. Thikoll studied abroad in Japan. As an undergraduate at Arizona State University-Tempe, Robert majored in Political Science and Japanese. He also minored in Asian studies. He got a Bachelor’s degree in Japanese Language and Literature from Nanzan University. Thikoll has benefited from learning Japanese because it has helped him relate better to his co-workers at Toyota.

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