DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani: Luxury Real Estate Developer and Trump Friend

Hussain Sajwani, 65, is the Chairman of Damac Properties, a real estate development firm. Damac’s focus has been on luxury residential developments. Sajwani’s firm also developed two Trump-badged golf courses in 2013. Sajwani has a flair for the dramatic, at times revving up excitement for new residential projects by offering an exotic car as an enticement to luxury apartment buyers.

Though his name now appears on Forbes Magazine’s list of billionaires, Hussain Sajwani’s first business venture was not quite so splashy. Sajwani’s started in the food-service industry. Sajwani’s catering business serviced energy firm Bechtel’s employees throughout the Middle East. Feeding US Military forces during Desert Storm was one of his first big contracts. His food business went on to work for the US in Bosnia, Somalia, and the Persian Gulf.

When Hussain Sajwani founded his luxury real-estate-development firm (Damac) in 2002, he brought his food company along, and it remains a part of his business empire. Damac became a publicly-traded company in 2015.

Damac came through the 2008 crisis in excellent shape. Sajwani trimmed his sails decisively at the first sign of an ill wind. When considering the possibility of IPO (in 2013) Sajwani made it clear that Damac was financially sound and had cash on hand to fund its all its operations. He indicated that on the plus side, an IPO might allow for more rapid expansion and that it might allow the family to pull some money out of the company

Sajwani apparently enjoys a good working relationship with not only Donald Trump, but his three children, Eric, Don Jr., and Ivanka. Sajwani’s wife and Ivanka are said to be friends. Sajwani said his business relationship with Trump was warm, not just a hard-nosed working partnership. Sajwani has been a guest a Trump’s New Year’s Eve party at Mar-a-Lago and attended President Trump’s inauguration.

Charity is an integral part of Hussain Sajwani’s life, and he is particularly vulnerable to pleas to help the needy during Ramadan. In 2013, in response to an appeal from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai, Sajwani contributed AED 2 million to a Red Crescent campaign to clothe the world’s needy children. See Sajwani’s career history here.

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Hussain Sajwani Continues to Lead DAMAC

The city of Dubai is well known around the world for having a very strong real estate market when it comes to development of luxury projects. While there are many different individuals and companies that have been a part of the development trend, one company that has continued to be very innovative with the real estate industry is DAMAC Properties.


DAMAC Properties is a Dubai-based real estate development company that has completed many different projects since it was first established more than 15 years ago. In that time period, they have built a number of the top premier luxury condo developments. Furthermore, they have built some of the top commercial and office developments all over the city while helping to drive demand and value for people all over the area.


One individual that has continued to be a big part of the real estate market in Dubai is Hussain Sajwani. He is the founder and CEO of DAMAC Properties and has a long history of success. He first founded DAMAC in 2001 and since then has been a major investor in the city and a well recognized developer all over the world. While he has been with his current company for around 15 years, he also has a strong track record of success in other areas as well.


Hussain Sajwani was born to a successful entrepreneurial father who owned a variety of different business in the UAE. After completing his education, he was one of the big winners of the government scholarship in which the UAE government sent only a few select students to the United States to further their education. He ultimately chose to go to the University of Washington where he studied engineering and economics.


After graduating, he moved back towards home and worked for a long time in the finance and oil industry. He worked for Abu Dhabi Gas Industries where he spent a lot of time building his reputation in the field. A few years later he started his own catering company, which is now one of the biggest in the world. Using the success of that company, he then started DAMAC.


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