Brazilian Rally Car Driver Rodrigo Terpins Creates An Environmentally Friendly Business

Rodrigo Terpins is a famous rally car driver from Brazil who achieved a lot of his recognition by competing and placing in Brazil’s Sertoes Rally. The Sertoes Rally is the most difficult rally car race course in Brazil and consists of 2600 km. Terpins competed in the 22nd edition o the race which stretched out over 2 states and was divided into several stages. Terpins and his partner placed 3rd in one of those stages and 8th in the overall race, which is considered a remarkable achievement.

Rodrigo Terpins obtained a degree in business management from the University to Sail Hilaire. He worked at Lojas Marisa for 16 years and during this time he rose to the position of president thanks to his hard work and excellent business management skills. Now, Terpins has founded his own company, Floresvale, which is a wood treatment and exporting company.

Terpins states that his goal is to create a more sustainable company for wood export than the ones that already exist in Brazil. Rodrigo created his company with the ideas of sustainability and environmental conscientiousness as Florevale’s core principles. He states that most companies that deal with wood in Brazil are not certified companies, and he wants to protect the environment as much as he can. You can visit


Terpins maintains that sustainability is one of his most important ventures and that he plans on continuing to create opportunities for Brazil to enter a more environmentally conscious economic state.

Rodrigo Terpins also mentions that while he and his partners focus on the cheapest way to get a good investment return, he always has sustainability in mind and that if the cheapest way to do something ends up causing harm to the environment, he and his team will look for other alternatives. He also keeps up with consumer trends, which have also shifted into a more environmentally conscious wave. Rodrigo Terpins states that being in touch with consumer data and what consumers want helps him make quicker and better business decisions that end up being more effective at the end of the day. He emphasized the importance of staying connected with his partners and also the public.


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