Development of OSI Industries

Many people do not know where we get the food they enjoy. It is worthwhile to notice the type of companies that provide the nutritious pieces of food products you take from restaurants. Am sure many people are experiencing food products from a firm known as OSI industries for decades. The firm provides quality chicken, beef, and pork products to the whole world. The company process food and park to distribute to the supermarkets and restaurants across the globe. Our primary focus is on protein content pieces of food. The organization is privately owned and ran by David McDonald as the President and Sheldon Lavin as the Chief Executive Officer of OSI.

OSI Industries went through production improvement early this year. The firm increased its production of quality chicken products by a double from 12,000 to 24,000 tons per year. The development was to respond to the increase in the demand for chicken products in Spain and Portugal. We expect that the market will continue to go even higher in future. Thus, the industry has to be on focus for future and ready for further expansion. The improvement landed the sector totaling the overall production to 45,000 tons per year. Consequently, the company benefited the community by providing an additional 20 job positions on top of the current 140 employees.

In the 20 newly established job opportunity is the position of the product development manager. The position is to make sure the current production process runs smoothly and helps to bring new products to the company’s portfolio. OSI Industries has qualified staff of chefs whose work is to test the quality of the food products in the well-equipped modern kitchens. The company’s focus is to reach out to more countries in the world on top of the more the current 18 nations.

Under the leadership of McDonald, OSI Industries acquired the leading stake of Baho Food in the year 2016. The plant has the extension through Germany and Netherlands. The industry did not stop at that. The company purchased the Tyson Food Plant. The acquisition of the plant showed the willingness of the company to increase its services to North America. Also, in California, the industry established a processing plant for beans, tofu, and rice. The company went ahead to purchase the Flagship Europe and made it the primary food distributor in the UK. The plant got renamed as the Creative Foods Europe. OSI ranked in the top 100 American food company awards of the year and more