Sharon Prince’s Grace Farms Foundation Battles Contemporary Slavery

Sharon Prince and her Grace Farms Foundation have announced that they have created a “Memorandum of Understanding” with the country of Georgia and Unchain.

According to reports, the Memorandum is set to help tackle contemporary slavery; the issue if purported to be one of the largest but unrecognized problems. In announcing the Memorandum, the Sharon Prince Grace Farms Foundation has said that it will help to promote transparency across the supply chain.

According to reports, the agreement is in keeping with Georgia’s aim to becoming a more technologically advanced and sustainable country within the next decade. With that in mind, the partnership between Grace Farm, Unchain and Georgia is set to highlight a business model that shows other businesses and other countries how being as transparent as possible could be a significant benefit. These benefits can be both financial for the businesses as well as help the economy in which companies are doing business. See Related Link for more information.

Sharon Prince has said that the Grace Farms Foundation will work with Unchain and Georgia to develop legal and regulatory processes that ensure that ethical and transparent supply chains are the norm in the country. Currently, the three are focusing on the technology industry and food and agriculture. Speaking about the Grace Farms Foundation, Sharon Prince has said that its main aim is to combat human trafficking and gender-based violence; developing strategies to combat these has always been central to this mission.

According to Ms. Prince, the agreement with Unchain and Georgia is just one important step toward that goal. Sharon Prince also spoke highly of Unchain and Georgia, saying that the country has set itself apart in committing to developing a more ethical business model. This business model is set to provide overall growth while ensuring social change across the market. Unchain is a global awareness campaign highlighting contemporary slavery.


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Sharon Prince Of Grace Farms Joins The Fight Against Contemporary Slavery


The Chair and President of the Grace Farms Foundation, Sharon Prince was celebrating the signing of a “Memorandum of Understanding” with the nation of Georgia which will build on existing anti-slavery work. The nation of Georgia is working on a ten-year plan to develop a green, sustainable economy with an emphasis on a transparent, open economy with technology and corporate transparency at the heart of the work being completed.

The Grace Farms Foundation has been at the heart of the work already begun by the Government of Georgia in these important areas of life and the economy. The global slavery epidemic is one of the leading social issues facing the people of the world but is often ignored by the mainstream media and receives little attention.

Under the leadership of Sharon Prince, The Grace Farms Foundation is hoping to bring a large amount of transparency to the economy of Georgia through a thorough review of the legal framework the country already has in place.

One of the most important areas of the work of Grace Farms is the continued development of a licensing framework which will be put into place by the Prime Minister of Georgia, Mamuka Bakhtadze. See This Article to learn more.

Also involved in the work being completed to bring contemporary slavery to an end is the Unchain group which will focus on raising awareness about the issue under the Grace farms umbrella. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Bakhtadze, the aim of the new financial framework is to develop a new economic framework with a level of transparency previously unheard of in the Eastern European nation.


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