Clay Hutson: Stage Manager and Sound Engineer

Recap: Clay Hutson Joins Halsley in Australia

Halsley is a famous pop star who is currently on tour. Her real name is Ashley Nicolette Frangipane. Her music showcases a contemporary side in the music industry, and an intriguing part of her career is her unconventional road to stardom. Before the stardom, the pop singer relied on social media to get her music across the globe. Due to the quality of her music, she quickly gained the attention of the right people, and in 2014 she signed a music label deal with Astralwerks. This was the road that spearheaded her into her successful music career. After three years of hard work and releasing great hits, her music ‘Bad at Love’ managed to make it into the top ten hit list.


She has taken several tours in the course of her career. However, her most recent tour “Hopeless Foundation Kingdom World Tour” will bring her closer to her fan base in Asian and South America. She will be accompanied by several pop stars and will seek to empower female music artists across the globe. Luckily for Halsley, she will be in the safe hands of Clay Hutson who is not new in managing world tours.


Clay Hitson has built a remarkable reputation in the music industry. He has worked with some of the biggest pop stars such as Kelly Clarkson, Prince, Pink and Guns N’ Roses. Despite his impressive portfolio, Clay had to work hard to be where he is today. His career did not come on a silver platter. He experienced the downsides in the music industry but still managed to overcome the hurdles.


Clay Hutson Background

Clay Hutson specializes in music production and is based in Nashville, Tennessee. He is also a tour manager and producer, sound engineer and stage manager. He believes in diligence and hard work because they have helped him achieve his success. His business offers several services to pop stars. Clay provides his services at an affordable price and ensures that these services are full of surprises to his clients. He refers to his services as a one-stop shop because it is characterized by services such as event management, music production, logistic management, show production, production design, and monitor engineering and rigging. Clay Hitson takes pride in putting smiles on his client’s faces. His need for excellence drives him, and every work he does is unique. Learn more: