Dr. Saad Saad Surprises Many People with his Brilliant Inventions.

The pediatric medical industry has been facing a myriad of challenges that have been causing a lot of difficulties to the physicians in the sector. The sector that has greatly been affected by these challenges is that of the pediatric surgery, where Dr Saad Saad is a member practitioner. For almost two decades, Saad has been a pediatric surgeon, a career life that has enabled him to gain extensive experience and expertise about the issues around the field. The career life has also equipped saad with sufficient know-how to identify problems in the sector and design adequate solutions to arrest the situations at hand.


One of the core challenges that have been facing the pediatric surgery field is that of the use of catheters. Medical catheters are devices that are used by the surgeons during the surgery for various reasons like the treatment of some conditions, draining fluids and gases, and also for some surgical procedures. These devices have to be inserted into the bodies of patients during the procedures listed above, but on the other hand, they still need to be left there may be for some period depending on the function at hand. This necessitates that when any other operation has to be done, the location of the catheter has to be identified first.


Here is where the challenge lies with the pediatric surgeons. To trace the catheters, traditionally the medical practitioners have been using X-rays and the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), all of which have posed very dangerous side effects to the patients after consistent application. For example, constant exposure to the doses of radiation from the X-rays has caused various kinds of cancerous diseases to the patients. This has emerged very hazardously and challenged Dr Saad Saad to seek a solution to the same problem.


As a result, Saad Saad engaged in rigorous research that saw him come up with an essential invention that has greatly addressed the problem. Saad invented an electromagnetic device that uses the magnetic energy to trace the catheters in the patient’s bodies. These devices hover around the patient’s body surface, and when it comes to the position perpendicular to the position of the catheter, it sends some light signals that indicate the presence of the gadget in the subject. This invention has transformed the medical sector by providing the patients with less painful operations and also more successful ones. Learn more: https://www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-saad-saad-ys6d8


Such innovations and inventions have not just been achieved by coincidence. It has been out of the determination of the innovators like Dr Saad Saad who were willing to own up the challenge, take the initiative and follow up the research work until they achieved the desired results. This is an invention that will greatly improve the pediatric medical field.