The Aspire New Brunswick: The Apartment Complex witha Difference

The Aspire New Brunswick, New Jersey is an apartment complex that has caught residents of New York and the entire U.S. in awe. Its glamorous design, its affordability, and the numerous facilities it offers make it stand out from many other complexes in the area. If you are looking for a decent and comfortable apartment in the outskirts of New Jersey, you will be thrilled by what the Aspire New Brunswick has to offer.

To start with, the apartment complex consists of 238 residential units. For security purposes, the lobby is manned by a door man round the clock. If you are concerned about where to park your car, do not fret. The complex has a parking facility with an elevator that provides direct access to the lobby. There is also a fitness center if you are concerned about your fitness. If like to sit back and relax, you can enjoy the ambiance of a rooftop sundeck. There is also a convenient neighborhood dining for people who are not into cooking homemade meals and if you are lazy to go out shopping, there is a shopping area within the complex. For convenience sake, the apartments are next to the train station and the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital. With the Aspire New Brunswick, you can expect more than what you find in other apartments.

Shaquille Comes Home To Invest In Real Estate

Former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal has invested in a 22 story apartment complex, also colloquially referred to as the Shaq Tower. This complex is the first of its kind in over 50 years. He recalled how he grew up in the city and how his parents would only either commit to a boys and girls club or taking to theatre to prevent him from being influenced by the street gang.

The $79 million lavish apartments were developed by O’Neal and Boraei Development and are a small distance from the Hahne & Co. building and New Jersey Performing Arts Center. It also neighbors the new restaurant established by Marcus Samuelsson, a celebrity chef.

About Boraei Development

Boraie Development focuses its services on the urban real estate market. It is one of the most renowned real estate solutions providers in New Brunswick. Boraie Development has made a name for itself in real estate development, real estate marketing, and property management in New Brunswick area. Some of their specialties include offering services to contractors, architects, and financial witnesses.

Sharon Prince’s Grace Farms Foundation Battles Contemporary Slavery

Sharon Prince and her Grace Farms Foundation have announced that they have created a “Memorandum of Understanding” with the country of Georgia and Unchain.

According to reports, the Memorandum is set to help tackle contemporary slavery; the issue if purported to be one of the largest but unrecognized problems. In announcing the Memorandum, the Sharon Prince Grace Farms Foundation has said that it will help to promote transparency across the supply chain.

According to reports, the agreement is in keeping with Georgia’s aim to becoming a more technologically advanced and sustainable country within the next decade. With that in mind, the partnership between Grace Farm, Unchain and Georgia is set to highlight a business model that shows other businesses and other countries how being as transparent as possible could be a significant benefit. These benefits can be both financial for the businesses as well as help the economy in which companies are doing business. See Related Link for more information.

Sharon Prince has said that the Grace Farms Foundation will work with Unchain and Georgia to develop legal and regulatory processes that ensure that ethical and transparent supply chains are the norm in the country. Currently, the three are focusing on the technology industry and food and agriculture. Speaking about the Grace Farms Foundation, Sharon Prince has said that its main aim is to combat human trafficking and gender-based violence; developing strategies to combat these has always been central to this mission.

According to Ms. Prince, the agreement with Unchain and Georgia is just one important step toward that goal. Sharon Prince also spoke highly of Unchain and Georgia, saying that the country has set itself apart in committing to developing a more ethical business model. This business model is set to provide overall growth while ensuring social change across the market. Unchain is a global awareness campaign highlighting contemporary slavery.


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Sandy Chin – Summer Book Drive

PS11 is a public elementary school that is based in New York City on the West Side and Sandy Chin has noticed a major problem in the school. As we all know, there are a lot of expenses when it comes to school and education – there’s the tuition fee, books, school supplies and allowance. And for PS11 Public Elementary School, Sandy Chin has noticed that there is a lack of book supplies for kids to read during the summer season, and purchasing of books were serving as a financial problem for there poor families. PS11 is also known as the William T. Harris School provides two low incoming projects that feed in the school – and Sandy Chin formulated a solution to solve the problem.



It is a common event that children experience a summer slide regarding their reading skills – and it is because of a number of reasons. Firstly, children tend to gravitate towards “more fun” physical activities over reading and secondly, some children cannot afford books to read over the summer. Because of the reading inactivity during the summer, children tend to get a regression for an entire reading grade over those three months of summer. Although, for Chin’s son who also studies in PS11 in New York, he does not experience this reading backslide because of his access to books and his initiative and his frequent visits to the local libraries that are available in the neighborhood.



However, even with the availability of local libraries – children and their parents are still sometimes not able to allot time to go to the libraries, and it’s still different to have your own book of your own which you can read whenever you want and you can bring around everywhere that you go.



This is why Sandy Chin and other concerned individuals have focused their efforts to hold a summer book drive at PS11. The group led by Sandy Chin decided to collect books that could be given to the students of PS11 and children of the community for free. In this way, every children can have a book of their own that they can read over the 3 month summer break.

Sharon Prince Of Grace Farms Joins The Fight Against Contemporary Slavery


The Chair and President of the Grace Farms Foundation, Sharon Prince was celebrating the signing of a “Memorandum of Understanding” with the nation of Georgia which will build on existing anti-slavery work. The nation of Georgia is working on a ten-year plan to develop a green, sustainable economy with an emphasis on a transparent, open economy with technology and corporate transparency at the heart of the work being completed.

The Grace Farms Foundation has been at the heart of the work already begun by the Government of Georgia in these important areas of life and the economy. The global slavery epidemic is one of the leading social issues facing the people of the world but is often ignored by the mainstream media and receives little attention.

Under the leadership of Sharon Prince, The Grace Farms Foundation is hoping to bring a large amount of transparency to the economy of Georgia through a thorough review of the legal framework the country already has in place.

One of the most important areas of the work of Grace Farms is the continued development of a licensing framework which will be put into place by the Prime Minister of Georgia, Mamuka Bakhtadze. See This Article to learn more.

Also involved in the work being completed to bring contemporary slavery to an end is the Unchain group which will focus on raising awareness about the issue under the Grace farms umbrella. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Bakhtadze, the aim of the new financial framework is to develop a new economic framework with a level of transparency previously unheard of in the Eastern European nation.


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Siteline Cabinetry was created in 2015 from its parent company, the Corsi Group, founded in 1973 by Pat Corsi. The company offers a variety of customized, well-made cabinets in various styles for use in large or small homes, for bathrooms, kitchens or offices, for any space or function and offer affordable prices, as well. The following are some features customers may choose:

  1. Kind of wood, color and drawer type.
  2. Choice of 289 finishes and materials, in a variety of paints, laminates, stains, glazes and wraps.
  1. Cabinet doors in more than forty-five styles.
  2. Custom drawers to fit whatever is needed, such as; organizing utensils, pans, bread, seasonings, office supplies, etc.
  1. Styles of cabinetry from traditional to modern.

All products are made in the United States in their manufacturing plant, which is located in Keysville, Virginia and other manufacturing plants in Indianapolis and Elkins, West Virginia. They don’t sell to the public or have access to direct sales, but sell and ship products to remodel-design companies, homebuilding companies, boutiques, independent designers and showroom dealers. There are dealers located in various cities in the United States, where homeowners can arrange to have a free consultation and access to a fully computerized design and order system to design their customized cabinets. The company offers a limited lifetime guaranteed warranty and will fix any product that is defective.

Siteline has 200 employees in which the founder, Pat Corsi, makes sure he hires friendly, knowledgeable workers that are talented craftspeople, finishers, customer service representatives and managers. Through his workers, he has the assurance that the customer is offered the best all the way through the process, from manufacturing the cabinets, to assembling them to the finished product.

For quality, made-to-order cabinets, from a company that is easy to do business with, Siteline is the company with the motto that says “the focus is always on the designer” and will always work with you to help meet all your expectations.

Talk Fusion: The Brand With The Plan

Talk Fusion is the company that is the brand with the plan. They have a plan in place and they fully expect to see it succeed for anyone in life. As the old expression goes, if there is a will, there is a way. Bob Reina, the former police officer, knows this. After all, he made news when he made a huge donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. He has even said in past interviews that with great power comes great responsibility. He is not afraid to take on that responsibility and use it for something powerful and something unique for the world.


Talk Fusion is the leader in video communications. It is a big reason why they have won awards such as the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. They won two awards in 2016, as a matter of fact. They are also celebrating their ten-year anniversary in 2017. They have saved a lot of human lives along the way as well. These were people that were really down in the dumps, and they did not know what to do about it. They felt like no one understood them and no one knew what they were going through in life.


As a former police officer, Bob Reina has seen people hit rock bottom. He has had to arrest people. He has also seen that not all of these people are bad people. Some of them are just troubled and need a new path in their life. Talk Fusion offers them that new path and it is an exciting path for them. It will open up a lot of doors for them when they commit to Talk Fusion. They will commit because they will be doing something they love and something that truly matters to them.


After all, isn’t that what life is all about? Life is about doing what you love and making a difference for people out there. Everyone helps out everyone and it allows everyone to feel like they are having a successful life. It is truly a great thing what Bob Reina has done. Learn more: