Ara Chackerian Is Quickly Becoming One Of The Most Influential Entrepreneurs In The Business

Ara Chackerian is one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the world of business today, with many accomplishments and success under his belt over the years. This is saying a lot when it comes to such a competitive and difficult field to be successful in. Business takes a great deal of dedication and persistence as well as a deep knowledge of the particular market one is going into. Today, Ara Chackerian has used the success he has gained to become active in philanthropy as well, giving back to as many communities as he can. One of the most impressive aspects of Chackerian is how fast he has been able to achieve his success.

Ara Chackerian has established himself as one of the leading experts in his field as well, with recognition around the country today. He has given a lot of advice to up and coming entrepreneurs over the years on the best routes to take and how to stay committed to becoming successful. This is no surprise that he wants to help others find their footing in the business world, given his efforts in philanthropy these days.

Ara Chackerian is working with some of the leading physicians in the country to build awareness for magnetic stimulation. TMS Health Solutions is working to push this medical innovation that has the potential to help many people with mental issues. Ara is also the co-founder of Limoapa Teak, which is focused on helping out the local community with job opportunities during rough times in the community. According to Ara Chackerian, becoming engaged in other peoples lives is part of the human experience and helps each individual grow in their own lives. He thanks his family for the support they have given him and the life values they have taught him as they have helped take him far in life.

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The Career life of Lori Senecal, the CP+B CEO.

Lori Senecal began working as the universal CEO of MDC partner’s agency in March 2015 before she was appointed as the CEO of CP+B. Her primary role at MDC was to coordinate the activities around the company’s ten international offices. She worked to foresee the growth and expansion of the agency. For instance, Lori managed to organize the company into becoming a modern universal agency. She leads the business to more significant levels of success through advanced innovations, agility, inventions and better consistent market both locally and internationally. Lori is a focused and open-minded manager and she has worked tirelessly to make the company better in every activity. Her robust and unwavering leadership skills lightened up the entrepreneurial spirit of the workers in the CP + B Company, leading them to do their best in their specific positions, bringing out the talents they have to the success of the business.

Lori was born in 1969 and currently lives in Norwalk. She attended McGill University where she did her undergraduate studies and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Commerce (BCom) and specialized in marketing and finance.

Lori was among the four best admirable agency executives in the year 2016. She also appeared a couple of times among the best leaders recognized by the Ad Week’s Power 100 list.

Consequently, the Fast Company honored Lori as the person to bring a complete change to the future of business activities. Her marvelous results seen in the CP + B Company made Lori attain the praise of being the best at creativity businesswise. Porter, the CP+B chairman, recognized Lori as the “management genius” and said that they needed her for their company to utilize her organizational skills for a brighter future of the firm. Lori Senecal didn’t disappoint the chairman but instead did better than they expected. Since Lori joined CP+B, the company never disappointed any clients, and hence they didn’t lose any customer. She also increased the fame of the company by boosting its global presence with big firms like the American Airlines. Lori also constructed a universal management plan as well as a communication pattern connecting people worldwide efficiently. Lori has significantly contributed to the growth of the company. Follow her on Twitter

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How Louis Chenevert Displays Critical Corporate Leadership

Businessman and manufacturing expert Louis Chenevert is an individual worth noting when one considers the skills required for corporate leadership. From his initial time as a Production Manager at General Motors in Canada to his eventual position of President at Pratt and Whitney, Chenevert possessed the strengths required to improve and expand major corporations. The top figures at United Technologies Corporation noticed and Louis Chenevert became the massive conglomerate’s President and CEO.

A prime example of Chenevert’s leadership skills was his dedication to United Technologies Corporation during a more tumultuous time in the economy. Close to the end of the last decade, the United States experienced an economic recession and many manufacturing companies were severely impacted. However, Louis Chenevert insisted that United Technologies remain headquartered in Connecticut and that no corners were cut in regards to the treatment of employees. As a result, the conglomerate sailed through the recession and posted impressive returns.

Louis Chenevert has long shown a genuine interest in the care of the workers who keep United Technologies Corporation running. Under his guidance, the corporation continued to offer major financial contributions through the Employee Scholar Program. The program allows employees of UTC to pursue higher education in their respective fields with supplemental funding. As a result, over $1 billion has been dedicated by Chenevert and UTC to the cause, benefiting more than 40,000 global employees.

Aside from effectively leading a major corporation, Louis Chenevert also brought his deep experience in innovative manufacturing to his position at United Technologies. Chenevert was well-known for identifying long-term potential in a company project and inspiring others to see the same vision. Through this concerted effort, Chenevert allowed United Technologies to make leaps in aerospace advancements, including equipment for lucrative government contracts.

Louis Chenevert is now with Goldman Sachs as an Exclusive Advisor in its Merchant Banking Division. With decades of experience in aerospace technology, Chenevert now seeks out unique investment opportunities in the industry among other executive roles. His time at United Technologies Corporation has left a legacy within the company and throughout the market as a whole, displaying the resounding benefits of a strong leader with a forward-thinking business mindset.

Arthur Decker: From Technology to Real Estate Mogul

Arthur Becker is a real estate developer in New York, and he recently allowed some insight into his life via the desk in his office. The office space itself doubles as an art studio where he has his own sculptures and paintings. He is planning his own art exhibit at one of his renovated townhouses, and he has sold a number of art pieces to people on Wall Street.

Many of the contents of Arthur Becker’s desk contain insights into his past or have a link to his business history. The cookies, for instance, are reminiscent of an investment he made in a macadamia nut field, the nuts of which he sold to Mrs. Fields’ cookies for 6 million dollars. There are also collectibles- he began collecting binoculars when he was working on developing a specialized binocular, a business attempt that Arthur Becker dubs a failure. He also collects ancient currencies from Africa, which he then replicates in his art. He has origami made out of gold bars and dollar bills, as well as brick samples he kept when he began restoring old homes in Vermont.

Born in 1950, Arthur Becker received his Bachelors’ of Arts at Bennington College before going to Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth where he graduated with his Masters’. Check out LinkedIn to know more.

Arthur Becker’s work experience began with restoring old homes in Vermont, however, he then turned to business and was a Managing Partner at NaviSite, a tech company, for 5 years. After this he became the Chairman and CEO of Zinio, a large digital newsstand. He also was a senior advisor to Vera Wang, his estranged wife, for seven years. Arthur Becker made the switch from technology to real estate, and today he is a Managing Member at Madison Partners, LLC. He also continues to privately invest in technology as well as real estate. Currently he is investing and renovating three townhouses that he was given in exchange for his stake in a condo development project. It is reported that Becker will live in one of the townhouses and sell the other two.

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