About Louis Chenevert and Guidelines for a Successful Business

Louis R. Chenevert is a Canadian entrepreneur and the current Exclusive Advisor of Goldman Sachs based in Farmington, Connecticut. He pursued Bachelor of business administration at HEC Montreal, enhanced it at the University of Montreal and in 2011, received his doctorate certificate from HEC Montreal.

Entrepreneurial Career

Chenevert had held a different position in top organisations since his venture into business in 1993. He worked as a production manager for Pratt & Whitney in Canada and later promoted to Vice President from 1999 to 2006. He had previously worked for General Motors for fourteen years as a production executive manager.

In 2006, he became COO, president and director of United Technologies and later in 2008 held the position of CEO at the same company. He has held other positions in Cargill Inc. and The Business Council and received numerous occupational awards such as the USO distinguished award in 2013. He also a co-founder and director of United States Friends, chairman of HEC Advisory Board and Yale Cancer Center board.

Louis Chenevert’s Guidelines on Promoting Your Business through Employees

Chenevert points out that instead of overlooking the employees and focusing on technology or external support to grow, the best business booster is right at hand. The employees have all it takes to ensure the company achieves its goals. For instance, making the workplace friendlier and a place of fun during breaks or working hours keeps them motivated and enjoys working during their periods or at overtime. Teamwork through the building of amenities for the less fortunate and acting as a volunteer to help charitable organisations through your company’s employees also accelerates business profits over time.

Again, rewarding the best through instances such as the best employee of the month will encourage them to work hard. By gifting them with a day off or a tangible reward or to the extent of giving them a job promotion are among the tips to expand and grow the corporate. Louis Chenevert used scholar program technique to his employers as a guideline to improve the company’s success. Despite the use of money, employee scholar agenda as well as accelerate the employees’ motives at work.


The Hotelier Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani is the Chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group. He has been highly involved with the hotel industry for over 30 years. And he is a recognized pioneer. During the 1990s, he became the first hotelier to introduce limited service branded hotels to London. One fairly recent work has been one of his most impressive: in 2016 he founded the luxurious and extremely stylish Hilton London Bankside. Other particularly notable hotels he has founded during his career have been The Conrad London St James, The Grand Hotel & Spa, York and Holiday Inn London – Wembley, New Ellington in Leeds and the Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel.

Boghani has led Splendid Hospitality to become of the fastest growing privately-owned businesses in the UK. Boghani was born and raised in Kenya. He moved to the UK in 1969 to begin his adult professional life. He immediately began training to be an accountant. He served an accounting firm in this capacity until his training was finalized. Afterward, he joined the Thomas McLintock & Co team. In 1985 he and several partners founded Sussex Health Care. At around the same time, he entered the hotel industry for the first time by co-founding Sojourn Hotels LLP.

Throughout the years he has remained fully committed to charitable giving and is an award-winning philanthropist. He considers his greatest work his work with Splendid. The organization currently has 20 hotels with an impressive combined total of 2000 bedrooms. It is supported by IHG, Choice, Accor, and Hilton. And Boghani has been a huge reason for all of this. He has become so revered for his many years of exemplary work in the hotel industry that in 2016 he was named “Hotelier of the Year” by the Asian Business Awards.

He is also highly involved in Ismali affairs, which is a branch of Shia of Islam. He has served in some of its senior positions for many years. He also serves as a member of the National Council at Aga Khan University.

How Ara Chackerian Focuses On Healthcare, Sustainability, And The Environment

Ara Chackerian is an investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who lives and works in Silicon Valley. He invests in early stage healthcare firms that show promise due to what they are developing and who makes up their leadership. He has also founded a number of companies in the healthcare industry himself over the past 20 years. He is a 2001 graduate of Florida State University and has a degree in marketing.

Ara Chackerian has co-founded a number of companies in the healthcare industries such as TMS Health Solutions. He was the CEO of BMC Diagnostics and he is the executive chairman at both TMS Health Solutions and PipelineRx. At PSS/World Medical he was once an executive vice president. This last one is a company that distributes medical products around the globe.

ASC Capital Holdings is the venture investment firm that Ara Chackerian established in June 2007. He has invested capital in many healthcare firms such as Embion/Provider Links, Mint Medical Education, and others. He says that in life and when he is investing he is focused on healthcare, the environment and sustainability. You can visit their about.me page.

As a philanthropist he has supported charities in the United States, Armenia, and Nicaragua. In Armenia he supports the Nor Luyce Mentoring Center for Youth which is a nonprofit he and his father, Richard, founded. This nonprofit mentors girls who are making the transition from living in an orphanage to being on their own. They learn job skills and how to support themselves. Ara Chackerian also sits on this nonprofit’s board of directors.

In Nicaragua, he supports the population that lives around a teak farm he owns called Limonapa Teak. He supports educational initiatives and schools in the area, for example. Limonapa is a sustainable farm that is as much about stopping deforestation as it is about creating beautiful planks of teak to be used in furniture building. Where the farm is located the area had long since been deforested by people who had grazing cattle. He now employs these people and they do work that is far more sustainable and beneficial to the environment.

Click here: https://medium.com/@arachackerian

Daniel Taub Role as a Diplomat

Daniel Taub is an internationally recognized lawyer and Israel diplomat to the United Kingdom. The renowned professional has also gained popularity because of his publications that focus on the Middle East and Israel. In the past, the lawyer has written his articles on essential platforms such as The Guardian, The Times, The Huffington Post and the Daily Telegraph. Getting an article published in these newspapers is not a walk in the park. Only respected individuals in the society are given these rights. People who are knowledgeable and experienced in various areas are the only ones given the opportunity to publish their work in the platforms. Daniel Taub is the author of a famous book known as Parasha Diplomatit.


Apart from his numerous accomplishments in the writing department, Taub has managed to create several scripts for some of the popular drama series in Israel. One of the series is known as HeChatzer, and Taub describes it as one of his best in the industry. When he is not working as a diplomat, the businessman loves to lecture and write, especially on matters concerning international law. The successful businessman has a lot of expertise in negotiation theory. At one time, Daniel Taub was working as the speechwriter for the president of Israel, Chaim Herzog.


Daniel Taub loves serving his country. When Daniel was appointed to work as the Israel diplomat in the United Kingdom, people were sure that he was the right candidate for the job, and he was going to deliver exceptional results. Four years later, Daniel Taub has proven to be the best candidate for the position. Despite the numerous challenges in the post, Taub has done his best to deliver the kind of results the people have been expecting.


After working in the United Kingdom for more than four years, the internationally recognized lawyer has announced that he will be leaving the diplomat position. Daniel Taub has not yet talked about his next move, but people believe that he will work to make Israel a better country. When serving as a diplomat in the UK, Daniel Taub made sure that the trade between the two countries increased, and this is one of the legacies that he has left behind. The state has not yet announced the professional who will be taking Daniel Taub’s position in the future. Whoever will take his job will be required to work hard and prove to the community that he has the qualities needed. Learn more: http://israblog.nana10.co.il/blogread.asp?blog=864881