Wen Hair Care

Does your hair need strength, body, or a bounce to simply shine? Try Wen by Chaz Dean Hair products. They offer all different types of hair products that are guaranteed to work. They have so much faith in their products that the company offers money back guarantee in 60 days if the product isn’t doing what it said it would or if you’re not satisfied. Their products are good for all hair types so don’t be skeptical about trying one. According to crunchbase.com, any of their products are established to give you what you have been missing in hair care.


The Wen Cleansing Conditioner gives your hair strength and make it more manageable. It replaces all other hair products including shampoo. It is a 5 in 1 cleanser. Then there is the boost also known as the nourishing mousse. This gives your hair volume and keep it soft without any flaking. When it’s time to style the anti-frizz, crème is good. It helps with frizzy hair but provides moisture at the same time. With this crème there is a guaranteed eight-hour hold. This is just a few of WEN products that are excellent to use. Wen offers so many more and love using almond and mint for enhancements which are good on hair. Wen products are available online on eBay.

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Jeunesse Global Company and its line of beauty products

Jeunesse is a Global company that deals with the production and supply of skin care products and supplements around the globe. It was founded in 2009, and its central office is located in Lake Mary, Florida and has other offices around the globe. The product supplied by the company include; skin care goods, cosmetics, and natural health products as well as offering Luminesce, a skin care merchandise line that comprises of the Luminesce daily nourishing complex, Luminesce cellular transformation serum, and anti-wrinkle facial cream. Jeunesse also produces and sells daily moisturizing complex that lifts masque solutions, a cleanser that clears old and dead skin as well as the night skin repair product that replenishes the skin overnight.

Jeunesse produces skin care products responsible for instant ageless that is an anti-wrinkle cream. Another product by the company is the Luminesce the anti-wrinkle product provided by the company comes together with the AM and PM dietary essentials that contain nutrients, extracts that are important for the important body health, and vitamins. Jeunesse also produces Finiti, a supplement containing blended ingredients, vegetables, and fruits. Zen Body is a product that provides a solution to weight management.

Jeunesse Global provides solutions that enhance the beauty and have long-term benefits to the skin. For instance, the creation of the NV line skin care product that ensures that skin care goes beyond covering blemishes and having a great look outside and goes deep to ensure that looking at someone’s physical appearance isn’t going to be a struggle as well as boosting a person inner beauty and self-esteem. The NV lines goals are the provision of ‘beauty with benefits’ for all the clients. The items that are available in the NV line for this purpose includes a BB foundation, bronzer, and a primer for clients who are looking for products that cover, repair and rejuvenates their skin.

Jeunesse Global utilizes the APT-200 stem-cell know-how that ensures that a healthy a soft skin begins from within. The utilization of the airbrush technology is essential for the application of the products that are applicable in a few minutes. The products in this line are quick and easy to use starting the primer that sets a smooth surface for the foundation.