Madison Street Capital Ends the Year with Another Accolade

Madison Street Capital has generated the highest class of business excellence in the M&A industry. The expert services of the investment banker have helped many middle market companies to successfully acquire or integrate their services to make them more innovative and unique. With exceptional M&A services, Madison has won many industrial appreciations since it founded. Recently, it won M&A Advisor Awards in November 2017. The 16th edition of the annual Award program administered by M&A Advisor took place on November 13. In the event took place in New York City, the firm declared as the winner in the Debt Financing Transaction of the Year category for helping WLR Automotive to complete its deal.



David Fergusson of the M&A Advisor confirmed that the group is recognizing M&A dealmakers, transactions, and firms since it established in 2002. In the year, Madison was elected from a group of highly qualified 650 participating companies. Fergusson continued that by choosing Madison, the investment banker is elated considering the standards set by the investment banker in the M&A industry. Madison represented the highest of the M&A industry in the year and qualified for the recognition by offering something unique from the group of highly notable candidates.



Charles Botchway, the President of Madison Street Capital, expressed his happiness over the recognition. He said that the firm is really honored by the Awards from the M&A Advisor in its debt financing section. He showered with praise on Barry Petersen, the SMD of Madison, who managed the transaction and thanked WLR Automotive for offering the transaction opportunity. In addition to the Awards in the section, the firm also became the finalist in Financial Deal under 250MM and Boutique Investment Banker categories for the year.



Apart from the Awards program, the event also saw the M&A Advisor Summit for the year 2017. It saw participation from over 500 professionals from mergers and acquisition industry from around the globe. It had exclusive interactive forums initiated by almost 35 stalwarts from academic, media, M&A, and industry. Apart from the M&A category awards, the event also saw the distribution of some individual awards to recognize people who played outstanding roles in the industry.



It was in 2005, the investment banker was established, and the firm is known for making careful analysis and providing precise recommendations in the mergers and acquisitions industry. Madison is known for providing highest quality services to the middle market companies in a number of areas such as financial opinion, valuation for financial reporting, corporate advisory services, and business valuation. The firm has expanded its services beyond North America and currently has offices in Asia and Africa. It is also known for involving in a number philanthropic initiatives and designed a Disaster Fund for the United Way.


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Luiz Carlos Trabuco, The President Of Bradesco, Finding What It Takes To Revive Brazil’s Economy

Bradesco is at the center of Brazil’s finance industry and the past decade has been tough. Not only is the loan market increasingly competitive, but the government’s never-ending bureaucracy is at the heels of all of the big banks in the country. Despite all of this, the leadership of Luiz Trabuco has kept Bradesco’s profits at all-time high thanks to smart planning and diversifying.

Although Luiz’s run as a CEO is quite short-lived, the company has a strict age limit that will force him to soon retire. The company’s board of directors are forced to decide to change this age restriction to let him continue or to dive into the unknown by electing a new CEO of the company.

Dedication to the company

Luiz Trabuco’s success likely stems from that fact that he has been in the banking industry since he had graduated from high school. He started in low-level positions whilst in school and upgraded to executive positions decades later. He is one of the few CEO’s in the world to work for the same company their entire life, which is the type of dedication that a large financial firm really needs to get through tough times.


Increasing The Market Share

Luiz had lived through many transformations of the company. It had gone from a relatively small bank with few branches to a financial giant that had overtaken 25 percent of the market.

By the 1980’s the Brazillian market had changed rapidly and old-school corporations were needing to change with it. The marketing department of Bradesco was rather stale and they tried their best to stay out of the spotlight of the media. Luiz Trabuco had changed the way they did PR and advertising completely. He had increased relations with local media groups and kept the maximum attention possible on Bradesco, which had been a contributing factor to its growth in the upcoming years.

Trabuco had especially been involved with its take over of the insurance industry. When he had control of Bradesco‚Äôs Insurance Group in 2003, he soon increased its market share to a solid 35 percent. It was such a dramatic increase that it had become one of the company’s primary sources of income.

There had also been rapid growth in the private pension sector since government pensions are unreliable. Pension plans are usually treated as an add-on to government plans instead of replacements.

Bradesco has also acquired a lot of assets in the past decade. Both Trabuco and the previous CEO have bought out other financial companies, including the Brazilian branch of HSBC. The current trend is large corporations are merging or acquiring smaller companies in order to dominate the markets, in which Bradesco must also do so to adapt.

A Company With Few Leaders

Bradesco has had a rather short history, in comparison to other large corporations, with a lifespan of just 64 years according to Within their history, the vast majority of it was lead by the founder, Amador Aguiar, until his death in the early 1990s. The death was rather devastating to the company and a successor would be rather hard to choose.

The board of directors had to come up with last-minute plans to vote for a CEO and create rules for the first time. This is why there are still demands for reform since the board of directors is still rather immature for such a large company. If things like age limit terms are modified, this will allow for uninterrupted terms from good CEO’s so that changes will not have to be made at the last minute.

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