Alex Pall’s New Hollywood Home; The Decision to move Drew to Singer

Alex Pall, one half of The Chainsmokers, has certainly had a busy 5 years. His previous musical partner left him, he found a new one, found instant mainstream success, and has now received a diamond-certified plaque from the RIAA.

As a result of this instant success, Pall recently purchased a home in Hollywood. In order to make it a house worthy of a rock star Pall hired Peti Lau, the famous interior designer, to help him decorate.

Each room is designed as a standalone piece of art. For example, the dining room is a homage to the 1980s – a period that is all too familiar with the life of a rock star. The center piece of the room, the dining table, is surrounded by luxurious, comfortable, lounge chairs. A rainbow light box is the main decor in the room, and it hands at the head of one end of the table.

The kitchen looks like the outside of a local pub. A neon sign is the room’s primary source of light, giving the entire room a purple glow. The wall which the neon sign hangs from is made of subway tile, adding to the kitchen’s rigid, almost dangerous look.

The Chainsmokers are famous for their songs “Paris,” “#Selfie,” and “Sick Boy.” However, their biggest song to date is “Closer.” It is the first song that Drew Taggart, Pall’s musical partner, performed vocals for, and it features singer Halsey. The song was a huge success for all involved, and it was recently declared platinum by the RIAA.

During the promotional tour for “Closer,” Pall and Taggart sat down with Interview Magazine. One of the topics to come up was the decision to move Taggart to lead singer.

Pall explained that it would help make a more cohesive sound for their projects. The duo were always vital in the song writing process; however, they used to rely on guest vocalists to sing the words. This would have led to a sloppy album full of songs that don’t seem related. Having a lead singer will lead to more cohesive sounding music.