Ryan Seacrest The Television And Radio Icon Of Great Repute


Ryan Seacrest is a co-host and executive producer of the Disney ABC morning live show with Kelly and Ryan. He is also a host and executive producer of ABC New Year eve that is held every year, Clark’s New Year Rockin’ Eve. Ryan Seacrest is also the top show franchise E1Live from the Red Carpet. Seacrest is in charge of Ryan Seacrest productions an Emmy award-winning production company. His company is the producer of Keeping up with the Kardashians as well as spinoffs.


He is also credited for producing other shows such as Bravo’s Shah’s of Sunset, CMT’S I love Kellie Pickler and Youtube’s best cover ever. Ryan Seacrest has been running a menswear clothing line called Ryan Seacrest Distinction. The clothing line is sold entirely at Macy’s and a skincare product line in partnership with a dermatologist of international repute Doctor Harold Lancer. H also has long term endorsement deals with top-notch companies such as Coca-Cola and Ford.


He has been engaged in charitable initiatives geared at improving the standard of living in the community. He serves the chairman of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The philanthropic has opened ten broadcast journalism and media centers. Seacrest Studios are in pediatric health centers in different cities across the country. Ryan Seacrest is also on the board of management at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and has. Seacrest has also been given an honorary portfolio of the chair of the Grammy Foundation. Go To This Page for related information.


Ryan Seacrest grew up in Atlanta; he has been a key figure in television and radio for a long period of time. He began as the host of kids shows such as Gladiators 2000, Fox Family’s Wild Animal Games. In the summer of 2002, he gradually began to find his way to American Idol. In 2004, he took over Casey Kasem’s role as host of the American Top 40. The man was bitten by a small shark in 2008. His energetic stature has been of immense contribution to his image. He was actually a linesman on his high school soccer team. His ancestry is Swiss and German though he has a distant Irish origin.


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How Ryan Seacrest Operates


Ryan Seacrest is a 43-year-elderly person who as of late moved to New York from Los Angeles. His fundamental reason for moving is a result of a morning TV show he holds called Live with Kelly Ripa. Moreover, Ryan has a national radio show. He is likewise a producer of the famous Hollywood reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians just as American Idol. He holds a TV show known as On Air with Ryan Seacrest. Ryan is in charge of running his own dress line store and skin care.

Ryan has an establishment called the Ryan Seacrest Foundation whose goal is to motivate the young people by offering activities dependent on diversion and instruction. He plans to manufacture communicate focuses on pediatric medical clinics so patients have a chance to explore media from radio and the television. Ryan’s run of the mill day is as follows.

Ryan Seacrest gets up at 6 o’clock in the morning before dawn and rapidly prepares for the activities of the day. Being his first time in New York, Ryan remembers to check the day’s weather forecast before picking the day’s outfit. He at that point proceeds to take his morning meal. He takes matcha tea which he says will help tone his body, implied for extraordinary things.

In the primary portion of his day, Ryan Seacrest focuses on work matters and after that ponders long haul issues amid whatever is left of the day. He says that he has figured out how to function an additional mile in specific occasions. He did this by preparing himself and understanding that only one out of every odd inquiry in life needs a quick answer.

Ryan Seacrest once worked for Dick Clark whom he used to respect when he was young. He used to watch him and Clark looked as though all that he did occured in a minute. At the point when Ryan got some information about it from Clark, he was informed that a telecaster or any host should make their crowd think or feel that the activity is simple and they can do it. This is a recommendation that Ryan was stuck with till date.


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Liu Qiangdong, The Founder And CEO JD.com


Liu Qiangdong is an entrepreneur who founded the JD.com business in the year 2004. JD.com is a multi-billion company currently worth $57.6 billion. It is now one of the largest e-commerce business serving over 100 million users. Its growth rate is rapidly making the Alibaba; it’s an enormous rival. Liu has distinguished himself and established himself, and he has become an internet celebrity in China and Forbes say that he has a net worth of $12 billion as of 2018.

Liu’s life

Richard Liu was born in a family of coal-shipping parents in China’s Jiangsu province. His parents taught him the value of hard work and encouraged him to do well in all he does. After his primary and secondary, studied sociology from Renmin University of China and graduated in 1996. He spent the time to fine-tune his programming, and he then enrolled for further educations with an EMBA from China Europe International Business School.


Upon graduation, Richard Liu was employed by a Japan Company dealing with health products where eventually he became director of computers in the company. In 1998, he left to start his venture. Liu rented space and called it, China’s Technology Hub. He realized a niche where there was a lot of business selling fake electronics. He took that opportunity to sell only authorized products to set himself apart from the competitors and to gain customers trust and loyalty. He succeeded and even opened twelve retail locations of his magneto-optical retail store. See This Article to learn more.

The transition from physical stores to online only

China’s outbreak of SARS in 2003 which shook the foundations of many retail shops, turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Liu Qiangdong. His business future was threatened, but Richard Liu was able to adapt and change with the change, and in 2004, he started JD.com

Business growth and expansion

Initially, he sold the magneto-optical products he initially sold in his brick and motor business. With time, business people saw profitability associated with his platform and wanted to sell their products on it. He leveraged these new business relationships into a long-term partnership. It wasn’t long, and JD.com sold a variety of goods. It has grown and expanded immensely. Today, Walmart is a shareholder of JD.com with 12 percent.


Visit his profile on https://www.linkedin.com/in/richard-liu-45113b47?originalSubdomain=cn




Richard Liu Qiangdong And His Business Empire


People who shop on JD.com know how big the company is. They know that they can find high-quality products through the website and that it has a lot of traffic. It is estimated that the company is worth more than $12 billion, and that millions of customers shop every day. What these customers may not know is the story behind the multi-billion-dollar business empire, and its chief executive officer, Richard Liu. His story is one that surprises and inspires budding entrepreneurs in equal measures. Liu Qiangdong’s ability to transform a small business operating in a small shop into a worldwide brand still amazes many people.


The childhood story of Liu

As a child growing in the province of Jiangsu in China, Richard Liu Qiangdong had a lot of motivation. He had lived with his parents who were working in coal and knew the importance of hard work in life. In addition to that, the parents never missed an opportunity to remind him the importance of working hard in school. Therefore, he put in his best performance and got a place in the Peoples University of China. This would be the beginning of good things in his life because after graduation, he was still hungry for more education and so, he studied computer science. View More Information Here.


How he was employed and how he started his business

When Richard Liu Qiangdong graduated from University, he chose an employment opportunity at Japan Life. The company was involved in the distribution of natural supplements, and Liu was happy to get a chance to contribute to its growth. Later, he was appointed to be the director of computers, but he only worked there for a short time because his mind was fixed on starting a business. Therefore, he left to start selling magneto-optical products in a shop that he rented in a local town.


Liu was not contended by the few local customers that the business attracted, and therefore, he created an ecommerce platform to reach out to more clients. This saw a rapid growth in sales and caught the attention of many other companies. They asked Richard Liu Qiangdong for a chance to sell their products on his platform, and so, JD.com was transformed into a multi-billion-dollar company with worldwide customers.


Visit: http://www.liuqiangdongjd.com/




Alastair Borthwick As An Author Of Sans Peur And Always A Little Further


Alastair Borthwick was born in Rutherglen, but he was raised at Glasgow town since his parents had relocated. He attended Glasgow High School, but at the age of 16, he left school to join the Glasgow Evening but later was promoted to join Glasgow Weekly Herald due to the demand in labor. Alastair Borthwick working in these companies served various roles including compiling crossword, answering queries from readers, editing films and writing multiple articles related to topics on women and children. The Glasgow newspapers had an open-air forum where people had the opportunity to share their life experiences, and it’s through this page Alastair Borthwick learned about the Scotland hiking movement. Previously hiking was for the rich and famous people but at this period in Scotland, it was gaining popularity among the young generation who had formed associations and the middle-class people especially the unemployed.


Alastair Borthwick was interviewed by James Fergusson of the BBC Studios who gave him the opportunity to share the hiking experience with listeners. Alastair Borthwick confidently shared his expertise. According to James Fergusson, Alastair Borthwick treated the microphone as a person chatting and raising hands to describe how people explore the Scotland hills. He was employed to host a show related to hiking experience therefore during the Weekends Alastair Borthwick joined the hikers and slept under the rocks. He was inspired to write a book Always a Little Further which explains the lifestyle of Scotland people. The text is full of entertainment since Alastair Borthwick used vivid description, humor among other exciting styles.


In 1939, Always a Little Further was published with the help of T.S Eliot who was a director; since then the book has never left the print. Alastair Borthwick also wrote another book which was inspired by the hardships he went through during the Second World War. He joined the Seaforth Highland battalion to fight the Germans, and they had to walk for miles through the desert and between enemies. Alastair Borthwick wrote Sans Peur.

When the war ended, Alastair Borthwick moved to live in a small cortege with his wife in Ayrshire where he died at 90 years.


See This Article for additional information.

Additional reference article: http://blogwebpedia.com/alastair-borthwick-timeless-author-and-outdoorsman.html



Having been established in 1998, JD.Com has made a remarkable growth as far as the e-commerce sector is concerned. It is still growing fast with over 300 million subscribers.

JD.Com is having an outstanding reputation for being the leading worldwide company to venture in the e-commerce sector through breathtaking technologies. Their plan is based entirely on making life more comfortable and with the use of underground urban logistics, it will see to it that cities are fully utilized to do shopping, not a nuisance, but an activity one can enjoy.

JD.Com has hit the headlines yet again with amazing inventions by changing the narrative on the retail sphere. In the recent company’s blog “JD Delivery Stations Get Smart Ahead Of CES Debut”, JD has talked about the launch of two smart delivery stations, strengthening the e-commerce giant’s autonomous logistics capabilities.

This time the company has invested in making the retail experience bigger, better and convenient for its consumers. Hohhot and Changsha are evidently on the rise since these two cities in China have debut the first use of delivery stations to up the retail game. The stations have an autonomous logistic ability to make deliveries by use or robots that can carry as many parcels as possible. There is also the use of vehicles that are smart; they can avoid traffic as well as be able to make it on time as per the scheduled delivery.

The feature that stands out is the facial recognition capability, in that a user is to be identified by a robot and delivery can be complete. It is JD’s incredible use of innovative technology to make retail convenient ad sustainable that has landed them at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

CES is global and focuses on local consumptions at large. The show will allow for real demos, and JD.Com will be able to make a practical sense of the delivery using their inventions. JD.Com’s officer in Charge of Technology sees that the company is indeed and will change the shopping experience in a big way since they have invested in research and technology. Get More Information Here.

China is already the trendsetter, and the pioneer in this business and the world will soon borrow a leaf from its incredible operations to change the future of shopping. All these efforts are aiming at improving consumer behavior and creating a massive lead for products and retail shopping.


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Sharon Prince’s Grace Farms Foundation Battles Contemporary Slavery

Sharon Prince and her Grace Farms Foundation have announced that they have created a “Memorandum of Understanding” with the country of Georgia and Unchain.

According to reports, the Memorandum is set to help tackle contemporary slavery; the issue if purported to be one of the largest but unrecognized problems. In announcing the Memorandum, the Sharon Prince Grace Farms Foundation has said that it will help to promote transparency across the supply chain.

According to reports, the agreement is in keeping with Georgia’s aim to becoming a more technologically advanced and sustainable country within the next decade. With that in mind, the partnership between Grace Farm, Unchain and Georgia is set to highlight a business model that shows other businesses and other countries how being as transparent as possible could be a significant benefit. These benefits can be both financial for the businesses as well as help the economy in which companies are doing business. See Related Link for more information.

Sharon Prince has said that the Grace Farms Foundation will work with Unchain and Georgia to develop legal and regulatory processes that ensure that ethical and transparent supply chains are the norm in the country. Currently, the three are focusing on the technology industry and food and agriculture. Speaking about the Grace Farms Foundation, Sharon Prince has said that its main aim is to combat human trafficking and gender-based violence; developing strategies to combat these has always been central to this mission.

According to Ms. Prince, the agreement with Unchain and Georgia is just one important step toward that goal. Sharon Prince also spoke highly of Unchain and Georgia, saying that the country has set itself apart in committing to developing a more ethical business model. This business model is set to provide overall growth while ensuring social change across the market. Unchain is a global awareness campaign highlighting contemporary slavery.


More about Sharon Prince on https://medium.com/@allenthomasct/sharon-prince-grace-farms-9a6768cfe29b





The Impact Of Kimberly Bakker On Many Organizations In Her Country


Kimberly Bakker is a phenomenal individual who has won the hearts of many individuals in her country. Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, she manages various non-governmental organizations, leads in the planning of multiple events, and she is a crusader for philanthropic activities. Besides, she values her family where she takes care of her young child.

As for her education, Kimberly studied at the prestigious University of South California. While at the institution, she had enough time to launch her career well. Later, she joined the Mayor’s office where she became a Protocol officer in San Francisco. Since Kimberly Bakker exhibited excellent skills, Kimberly Bakker was appointed to be in charge of various events under her areas of jurisdiction.

Thus, her entrepreneurial skills grew tremendously leading to the establishment of the Kimberly Bakker Events. The name of the company was obtained from her name to attract various clients in her docket. In spite of overseeing various events, the company offers consulting services to interested clients. Moreover, it controls the business while at the same time handling public relations in various fields.


Her Motivation

At a very young age, Kimberly Bakker was always interested in creative things hence establishing her fantasies from nothing. Since her childhood, she loved to entertain her family during breakfast, and specific events thus developed her hosting talent from there. After some years, she professionally acquainted into hosting events and only needed help from the experts to develop her fantasies. Visit This Page for additional information.



For instance, since she became a mother, Kimberly Bakker developed the urge to teach her daughter how she could take care of vital issues in the house without straining the environment. Through teaching, she believed that her daughter would be strong to handle various problems that surrounded her in the future.


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Sandy Chin – Summer Book Drive

PS11 is a public elementary school that is based in New York City on the West Side and Sandy Chin has noticed a major problem in the school. As we all know, there are a lot of expenses when it comes to school and education – there’s the tuition fee, books, school supplies and allowance. And for PS11 Public Elementary School, Sandy Chin has noticed that there is a lack of book supplies for kids to read during the summer season, and purchasing of books were serving as a financial problem for there poor families. PS11 is also known as the William T. Harris School provides two low incoming projects that feed in the school – and Sandy Chin formulated a solution to solve the problem.



It is a common event that children experience a summer slide regarding their reading skills – and it is because of a number of reasons. Firstly, children tend to gravitate towards “more fun” physical activities over reading and secondly, some children cannot afford books to read over the summer. Because of the reading inactivity during the summer, children tend to get a regression for an entire reading grade over those three months of summer. Although, for Chin’s son who also studies in PS11 in New York, he does not experience this reading backslide because of his access to books and his initiative and his frequent visits to the local libraries that are available in the neighborhood.



However, even with the availability of local libraries – children and their parents are still sometimes not able to allot time to go to the libraries, and it’s still different to have your own book of your own which you can read whenever you want and you can bring around everywhere that you go.



This is why Sandy Chin and other concerned individuals have focused their efforts to hold a summer book drive at PS11. The group led by Sandy Chin decided to collect books that could be given to the students of PS11 and children of the community for free. In this way, every children can have a book of their own that they can read over the 3 month summer break.



Sharon Prince Of Grace Farms Joins The Fight Against Contemporary Slavery


The Chair and President of the Grace Farms Foundation, Sharon Prince was celebrating the signing of a “Memorandum of Understanding” with the nation of Georgia which will build on existing anti-slavery work. The nation of Georgia is working on a ten-year plan to develop a green, sustainable economy with an emphasis on a transparent, open economy with technology and corporate transparency at the heart of the work being completed.

The Grace Farms Foundation has been at the heart of the work already begun by the Government of Georgia in these important areas of life and the economy. The global slavery epidemic is one of the leading social issues facing the people of the world but is often ignored by the mainstream media and receives little attention.

Under the leadership of Sharon Prince, The Grace Farms Foundation is hoping to bring a large amount of transparency to the economy of Georgia through a thorough review of the legal framework the country already has in place.

One of the most important areas of the work of Grace Farms is the continued development of a licensing framework which will be put into place by the Prime Minister of Georgia, Mamuka Bakhtadze. See This Article to learn more.

Also involved in the work being completed to bring contemporary slavery to an end is the Unchain group which will focus on raising awareness about the issue under the Grace farms umbrella. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Bakhtadze, the aim of the new financial framework is to develop a new economic framework with a level of transparency previously unheard of in the Eastern European nation.


More about Sharon Prince on https://www.pentagram.com/work/grace-farms/story