Vinod Gupta Making The Dream Come True


When a man is so determined to become a successful businessman he does it against all odds. This was Vinod Gupta who left his life in India behind to get an education in the U.S. He got his education in business administration from the University of Nebraska earning a Master’s Degree.


Once he stepped into the world of business as a marketing research analyst he showed his first employer that he could be relied upon to make money. Once he saw that he was successful in marketing he worked on the Business Research Services and American Business List in 1972. Soon Vinod Gupta was climbing the ladder to even higher spheres and the entire yellow pages were included in the American Business List, ABL, database.


The path was paved for much more for Vinod Gupta who started off with only a degree in business administration. Soon ABL had a much greater reach and transformed into InfoUSA covering both the U.S. and Canada. From there it transformed into InfoGROUP and was finally sold for millions of dollars in 2010.


Vinod Gupta had made his dreams come true and is a well-known businessman both in the U.S. and in India. He was awarded honorary doctorates from three universities and served as a trustee for the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts.


Vinod Gupta knows it takes a good education to get ahead in life so he has also made private donations to schools and programs in the U.S. and in India. He also realizes that as much as the world of business is greatly dominated by men, women must also be given a chance at success in the world of business and is doing his part to help women get their business degrees.


In an article with Weekly Opinion entitled “Vinod Gupta Invests in Women’s Education”, Gupta share how he’s helped established the women’s polytechnic school to enable women to earn post-graduate degrees.  With karmic understanding, he has always understood the opportunities he was given, and has vowed to dedicate his resources to providing similar opportunities to others.


In view of this Vinod Gupta has created an account on Medium and is offering his business insight to help up and coming and established entrepreneurs with many different topics providing helpful advice for both men and women.


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