Roseann Bennett Integrates Dog Therapy To Her Firm


Roseann Bennett is a successful therapist and a married family woman with several years of experience in the therapeutic field. She discovered the need for outpatient services after doing in-home treatment for some time. The outpatient treatment will be beneficial to the disadvantaged clients who cannot cater for the in-home therapy. It is expensive.

She, therefore, made an initiative to head the Center for Assessment and Treatment to offers severe and progressive counseling to everybody regardless of the race, religion or gender. With the help of her husband, Todd, they established the center using her funds to actualize her initiatives.

Bennett has offered satisfactory customer services to the clients owing to enough resources she has at the company. This service has made her shed off the negative thought and blackmail from the companies funded by foreigners or the government.

She has created a curriculum for the many programs run by the company as the current director of executives and the co-founder of this company, center for assessment and treatment. The curriculum used for the operation of the entire clinic. Refer to This Article for additional information about Bennett.

She firmly believes in therapeutic activities. Currently, Roseann Bennett is concerned with the integration of “Canine-Assisted Therapy” in different components in the same practice. Roseann Bennett significantly affirms that “Canine Assisted Therapy” will work and invites Jack into her team to deal with dog therapy. She believes that Jack will play a vital role in the medical interventions for the dogs and the center will immerse immense profits.

Why Dog Therapy?

She began working on this project after seeing how children gladly interact with these pets. The dog can do a great thing to children like soothing them, teaching them about social interactions. This link between the dogs and human beings prompted her to integrate the Canine Assisted Therapy to her clinic, and it has worked.


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