Success Story of Igor Cornelsen, an accomplished Brazilian Investor

Igor Cornelsen, a retired investment banker, invests in stocks for commodity and foreign exchange investment through Bainbridge Group. He is an expert in stocks and other closely related areas.

Born in 1987 in Curitiba, Brazil, Igor Cornelsen wanted to be an engineer at a young age. He joined Federal University of Parana to pursue Engineering. He diverted from the course and started studying economics in the university. Joining the university was an achievement on its own owing to the fact that it was the only university which offered engineering course in Santa Parana States. He graduated with the economics degree in 1970.

After graduation, Multibanco hired Igor Cornelsen to serve as an Investment banker. He earned the position after it was established he was good in computing compound interest calculations. At the time, computers were rarely available and the skill was a hotcake. After Bank of America’s acquisition of Multibanco, he embarked on a new journey at Unibanco.

Unibanco is a Brazilian investment firm. However, he didn’t stay long in the company. He moved to London Merchant Bank where he served as an investment advisor. London Merchant Bank changed its name to Libra Bank PLC. The opportunity to serve in the company excited him because he got to receive payments in US Dollars for the first time in his life. His work at Libra Bank PLC was impressive and as a result, he was promoted to be a member of the company’s board of directors. He was a member of the board of directors of the company for seven years and at some point, he represented the company in Brazil.

Igor Cornelsen embarked on a new path in 1995 when he decided to start his own investment firm called Bainbridge Investment Inc., The Bahamas-based company identifies viable investment opportunities as well as formulating investment strategies.


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