Southridge Capital Knows What CSR Means – Do You?

Without giving back to communities, planet Earth, and individuals in need, businesses are significantly less likely to draw the widespread attention that philanthropically-active businesses do. Corporate social responsibility is one of the key ingredients to yielding a successful business in today’s day and age. Besides, business owners – of mid-sized or otherwise significantly-profitable businesses – should be willing to share the wealth they’ve accumulated with others who deserve it.


Stephen M. Hicks is a businessperson who has worked in financial services for upwards of three decades. Mr. Hicks is best known as the one and only creator of Southridge Capital LLC, an investment management and advisory firm located in the southernmost portion of Connecticut – right in the heart of the wealthy town of Ridgefield, which even partially served as inspiration for the name of the investment firm. Check out



According to Newswire, Southridge Capital is deeply invested in corporate social responsibility; as a matter of fact, the firm, under Mr. Stephen M. Hicks’ leadership, gives more than most full-fledged large businesses do throughout every year. The firm gives away virtually all of its donations in conjunction with the Daystar Foundation, a group that was founded by Mr. Stephen Hicks and his wife Mary. Some of the many recipients of the Daystar Foundation’s and Southridge Capital’s donations include the Bradford Peterson Memorial Scholarship Fund, Christ and St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church of New York City, and the Western Connecticut Health Network Foundation – the last entry is also known as Danbury Hospital.


Mr. Hicks brands himself as the chief executive officer of Southridge Capital, though he does more than making executive-level decisions – he plays a major role in determining what financial instruments to invest in, too.


Southridge might only have five employees – Linda Carlsen, portfolio management team member; Mr. Hicks as CEO; Narine Persaud works as Southridge Capital’s CFO; Mr. Laurence Ditkoff is its Director of Research, and Henry Sargent is a licensed lawyer that works s both COO and General Counsel – but it has spread nearly $2 billion throughout the world, collectively landing in the pocketbooks of some 250 publicly-traded companies.


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