Gregory Aziz: Legendary Status

The company known as National steel car has over 100 years of work in the railroad freight car Manufacturing industry. the engineering Manufacturing and quality of the company has a stain over the years is legendary at this point. the companies have many high and low point over the years but the time that James Aziz helmed the company has been some of the most lucrative years.


Gregory Aziz is the chairman and CEO of a company. He attended really college and has a degree in economics from the University of Western Ontario. he is also the president of the company and has letter to great success. under his Direction the company as realize his dream of becoming though the largest and best railroad freight car manufacturer in North America. this is all from hard work and a dedication to Quality. This work started with his own family business which he helps turn into a worldwide success. Affiliated Foods Grew into a worldwide and Porter of fresh food and gave Greg his first chance in the business world. set him up for his next and great legendary exploit.

in the early 1990s Gregory bought the company from the Dofasco and dedicated himself to transfer me to company into something greater than it was. by focusing on the strengths that company already had and just doing a few modifications he found a better formula for better success. the manufacturing and Engineering of the company has always been top knot and that didn’t stop under Gregory Aziz and his watch. today the company is an industry leader in new freight car Innovation and Technology. Refer to This Article to learn more.

The company is not only but Gregory Aziz has spent his time helping with many charities. National steel car has a heart for the Hamilton Community in Canada. the company has sponsor many organizations and groups like The Hamilton Opera, the United Way, the Salvation Army, and many local do good organizations. Greg Aziz is a supporter of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Gregory Aziz and the company National steel car are truly worthy of their legendary status.

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Rocketship Education: Dedication to Purposeful Learning

In response to a disparaging blog post on Rocketship Education by a National Public Radio blogger which displayed the writer’s preconceived bias against chart schools, the 13-school network’s chief executive officer, and co-founder Preston Smith put up a spirited defense of the school by highlighting its rich history of success and pioneering models. In defending the nonprofit public charter schools network against the anti-charter school model rhetoric by the blogger, the co-founder outlined the various factors and testaments to Rocketship Education’s impressive successes. The CEO went to a great length in underlying and unpinning the network of schools’ testing thesis which Anya Kamenetz, the blogger tried to unsuccessfully undermine.

Primarily operating in low-income communities, Rocketship uses a unique testing thesis aimed at challenging the status quo and eliminating education achievement gap that persists in these communities. This has seen up to 90 percent of students in the high-poverty communities serviced by Rocketship return to their schools every academic year. This has seen up to 72 percent of parents at the network of schools with operations in California, Washington, Tennessee and Wisconsin assert that they have recommended Rocketship Education to other families. Smith noted that the hundreds of parents who drive hundreds of miles to bring their children to the various campuses of the school is testament to the school’s excellent management practices and learning models and defy the overriding message in Anya Kamenetz’s post that tried to assert that most parents were unhappy with the learning and management practices at the school.

Pioneering Learning Practices

Rocketship Education’s learning model has seen it grow rapidly especially with the support of parents who have even come together to help in the opening of new campuses in various communities. Its balanced behavior management approach has it has scheduled and regulated bathroom practices which are managed at the discretion of the teachers. The school network, which serves over 7,000 students, also incorporates technology-based learning ideas such as DreamBox into the traditional learning model. The CEO asserted that Rocketship’s learning models are evidenced-based. It has “Zone Zero” and “Launch” periods to promote individualized and interactive learning, respectively. These practices have seen the network of school record low retest rates throughout its campuses.

Southridge Capital Knows What CSR Means – Do You?

Without giving back to communities, planet Earth, and individuals in need, businesses are significantly less likely to draw the widespread attention that philanthropically-active businesses do. Corporate social responsibility is one of the key ingredients to yielding a successful business in today’s day and age. Besides, business owners – of mid-sized or otherwise significantly-profitable businesses – should be willing to share the wealth they’ve accumulated with others who deserve it.


Stephen M. Hicks is a businessperson who has worked in financial services for upwards of three decades. Mr. Hicks is best known as the one and only creator of Southridge Capital LLC, an investment management and advisory firm located in the southernmost portion of Connecticut – right in the heart of the wealthy town of Ridgefield, which even partially served as inspiration for the name of the investment firm. Check out



According to Newswire, Southridge Capital is deeply invested in corporate social responsibility; as a matter of fact, the firm, under Mr. Stephen M. Hicks’ leadership, gives more than most full-fledged large businesses do throughout every year. The firm gives away virtually all of its donations in conjunction with the Daystar Foundation, a group that was founded by Mr. Stephen Hicks and his wife Mary. Some of the many recipients of the Daystar Foundation’s and Southridge Capital’s donations include the Bradford Peterson Memorial Scholarship Fund, Christ and St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church of New York City, and the Western Connecticut Health Network Foundation – the last entry is also known as Danbury Hospital.


Mr. Hicks brands himself as the chief executive officer of Southridge Capital, though he does more than making executive-level decisions – he plays a major role in determining what financial instruments to invest in, too.


Southridge might only have five employees – Linda Carlsen, portfolio management team member; Mr. Hicks as CEO; Narine Persaud works as Southridge Capital’s CFO; Mr. Laurence Ditkoff is its Director of Research, and Henry Sargent is a licensed lawyer that works s both COO and General Counsel – but it has spread nearly $2 billion throughout the world, collectively landing in the pocketbooks of some 250 publicly-traded companies.


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Development of OSI Industries

Many people do not know where we get the food they enjoy. It is worthwhile to notice the type of companies that provide the nutritious pieces of food products you take from restaurants. Am sure many people are experiencing food products from a firm known as OSI industries for decades. The firm provides quality chicken, beef, and pork products to the whole world. The company process food and park to distribute to the supermarkets and restaurants across the globe. Our primary focus is on protein content pieces of food. The organization is privately owned and ran by David McDonald as the President and Sheldon Lavin as the Chief Executive Officer of OSI.

OSI Industries went through production improvement early this year. The firm increased its production of quality chicken products by a double from 12,000 to 24,000 tons per year. The development was to respond to the increase in the demand for chicken products in Spain and Portugal. We expect that the market will continue to go even higher in future. Thus, the industry has to be on focus for future and ready for further expansion. The improvement landed the sector totaling the overall production to 45,000 tons per year. Consequently, the company benefited the community by providing an additional 20 job positions on top of the current 140 employees.

In the 20 newly established job opportunity is the position of the product development manager. The position is to make sure the current production process runs smoothly and helps to bring new products to the company’s portfolio. OSI Industries has qualified staff of chefs whose work is to test the quality of the food products in the well-equipped modern kitchens. The company’s focus is to reach out to more countries in the world on top of the more the current 18 nations.

Under the leadership of McDonald, OSI Industries acquired the leading stake of Baho Food in the year 2016. The plant has the extension through Germany and Netherlands. The industry did not stop at that. The company purchased the Tyson Food Plant. The acquisition of the plant showed the willingness of the company to increase its services to North America. Also, in California, the industry established a processing plant for beans, tofu, and rice. The company went ahead to purchase the Flagship Europe and made it the primary food distributor in the UK. The plant got renamed as the Creative Foods Europe. OSI ranked in the top 100 American food company awards of the year and more

Madison Street Capital Merger for Business IT Industries

Madison Street Capital reputation is a banking organization that is operating internationally as an investment and it is ranked among the leading in the financial service industry. It has been serving in the middle market. The organization has been able to act as the financial advisor in an exclusive manner to the DCG software value, the software services estimation, the software value management and also as a global provider especially on the function point analysis. This was in the merger together with the Spitfire Group. This group is usually a business technology-oriented consulting firm. The location of the firm is in Denver where these services are held.


It was on January 2017 when the transaction was announced. It was Charles Botchway who made those announcements. Charles Botchway is the CEO of Madison Street Capital and he was led by Rodgers Jay. During the announcement, the agreement terms of the transactions were not disclosed to the public.


In both of the companies, they have leaders who are exceptionally experienced and form management teams that are capable of thriving the organizations. The CEO of DCG Software Value is called Mike Harris while the acting CEO of the Spitfire was Mark Richtermeyer. Mr. Botchway said that those managing teams have the experience to handle the transactions. He also said that his lucky thing was that he got a chance of being able to work with the both Business IT industries and their leaders.


It was during the first time engagement with Madison Street Capital to closing their deals, and that team is being headed by Jay Rodgers provide analysis that was powerful and thoughtfully insight. It was the argument states that Mike Harris talked about. He also said that together with Mark Richtermeyer have decided to continue working with the Madison Street Capital team so that they can enable them to discover additional ways so that they can help more of the clients to grow in the value of their software.


When you come to Madison Street Capital, you will find a professional team ready to work with you. These professionals from Madison have got required experience, knowledge, and the extensive relationship that makes Madison organization being ranked among the premium world middle-market in the investment banking firms. This organization is the leading in providing corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions advisory. The ability of Madison professions is to properly arrange for financing and the capitalizing structure and it ends up suiting specifications for each client.


The headquarters for Madison Street Capital is in Chicago, Illinois. The organization has other branch offices in Africa, Asia, and North America. They have also been buying and selling side services that belong to the private equity and more of other services.


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