Jose Hawilla dominates the sports advertising field in Brazil

Some business leaders believe that entrepreneurship is inborn. Is it possible to grow your business even if you are not cut out for entrepreneurship? Let’s look at what you need to last the test of time.

At the heart of a good number of entrepreneurs is the desire for freedom. Entrepreneurship, though taxing, allows one to set their own schedule and prioritise what they want to work on and when they want to do this.

A good entrepreneur needs to be disciplined. Given that no one will be monitoring your work, one needs to set specific targets they desire to achieve and work consistently on them. Celebrating success is important but let this also should be well planned for.

Entrepreneurs ought to be resilient. Disappointments are inevitable for anyone in business. The ability to get up every time these are experienced is invaluable. Clients will let you down, suppliers will fail you or you may just fail to reach the mark. The most successful entrepreneurs do not throw in the towel at the first sight of defeat.

Clients desire faithfulness and honesty. Given that they are your employers, do not take them for granted. Deliver the services or goods in good time consistently. Admit wrongdoing whenever you slip up. You will win them over and have a steady flow of work.

Jose Hawilla started out as a sports journalist and now runs the Traffic Group in Brazil. The company that was founded in 1980 has grown into a leading sports marketing agency. His sheer will and determination has seen him acquire a number of affiliates of TV Gobo in his homeland. Bus stops in Brazil have advertising posts courtesy of Traffic Group.

The businessman has grown his market to Europe, the US and part of Asia. Broadcast rights have been sold in bulk to clients all over the world. Jardim Paulista is home for Traffic Group headquarters. Hawilla has also invested heavily in the video production company he set up recently.

He also has a Talent wing in Traffic, where sporting personalities’ images are managed. They also promote trade using the Brazilian athletes through the Export Sport. His desire is to see the Brazilian game rise to the top and earn revenue as it does so. You can visit for more details.



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How National Steel Car Is Helping The City Of Hamilton, Ontario Thrive Under Gregory Aziz

National Steel Car prides itself on giving back to the town of Hamilton, Ontario and surrounding regions. The company is the largest employer in the area and its employees work diligently to give back to the community alongside of National Steel Car. Each year the company holds an annual food drive around the holiday season. Employees and leadership donate canned goods and other items and the company donates them to local food banks. So many employees donate that it is often the largest donations that the local food bank receives each year. In addition to that food drive, National Steel Car also supports many local institutions. These include the Hamilton Opera, the local United Way and the local Salvation Army, among others. In addition to that, National Steel Car’s CEO and his wife are large supporters of Canada’s largest annual agricultural fair.


National Steel Car is headed by Gregory James Aziz. Mr. Aziz is a big believer in giving back to the community. He has worked hard to create a company culture at National Steel Car that believes in providing the best level of service to customers, vendors and the community. Greg Aziz currently holds the positions of Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and Company President. He has been with the company for more than 20 years and has gone to great lengths to vastly grow the company.

Greg Aziz is known for his business development skillset and has proved his worth by rapidly growing National Steel Car. During his first five years working in a leadership role at National Steel Car he successfully grew the volume of production by more than 300%. The company went from producing around 3,500 steel railway cars each year to producing more than 12,000 steel freight cars annually. Gregory J. Aziz believes that employees are the best investment in any company. During his early tenure at National Steel Car he grew the number of people working for the company by more than 400%. Go To This Page to learn more.

This investment in human capital was great for the town of Hamilton, where the company’s headquarters are located. The influx of jobs was huge for the community and brought in a boost in the entire economy. The new jobs made Hamilton a destination place to move. This influx of new people brought new businesses to the town, which created even more new jobs in the Hamilton area.


Jim Larkin Helps People See Positive Parts of the Union

Since Jim Larkin started working with unions, he knew they were the best things for all employees. They could get protection from employers and they could get a better experience no matter the issues that were going on with the companies they worked for. Before Jim Larkin started helping other people, he knew there was no chance of helping other people and giving them the things they needed. In fact, Jim Larkin tried making sure things would keep getting better, but that made it hard on the people who were in different situations. As long as Jim Larkin knew how to help others and knew there were things he could use to help, he felt good about the opportunities he had. The industry was different and it is better now because of things he did hundreds of years ago. Jim Larkin was one of the founding fathers of the union and that helped make a huge difference for everyone.


Now that unions are more popular than ever, they recognize Jim Larkin as someone who cares about the things that were going on around the unions. He helped establish unions that worked better and that allowed him the chance to keep working on things that would get better. It also made things easier for him so he could help other people with the issues they faced. Jim Larkin liked giving everyone the opportunities they could use and the things that would keep getting better no matter what.


While Jim Larkin spent time trying to help people with these issues, he felt confident about the things that were happening with unions. In fact, the unions were better than ever when Jim Larkin was working on them. He knew what to do and how to help people get union representation. He even risked his own freedom to get people the help they needed with the union. In addition to his freedom, Jim Larkin had to risk his own life to make the unions better. He realized he had to do something or people wouldn’t have a chance at a better life no matter what they did before they worked in the union businesses.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s Achievements At Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a renowned name in Brazil and across the globe due to his outstanding record in the insurance and banking industry. Just like other executives’ journey to the top, Luiz Carlos Trabuco started his career as a clerk, but because of his commitment and dedication, he rose fast to become the Vice President of Bradesco and later the president.

Trabuco Bradesco actively involved in great government projects which have revealed his competence in the provision of excellent services.



Achievements at Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been working at Bradesco for over 40 years. It is interesting to note that he started off working at the company as one of its clerks. Through the years Trabuco Bradesco proved to be a diligent employee with hope and confidence in all his responsibilities. For this reason, he had been promoted as the vice president of the company and later become the president, replacing Cypriano who had retired at 64. Through his leadership, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has managed to take Bradesco to greater heights.

After taking charge as the president in 2009, Luiz Carlos Trabuco commanded a productive staff that became responsible for 40% of the company’s overall success. He has engaged in making high-risk decisions which have seen growth in Bradesco. In , he led the company towards the acquisition of HSBC, Brazilian branch, for a cost of $5.2 billion. The deal has played a key role in influencing the company’s ability to rejoin the leadership position in the private banking sector. Luiz Carlos Trabuco had revealed that with the acquisition of HSBC, the market shares of the company had increased greatly. In fact, Banco Bradesco was able to surpass its major competitor, Unibanco, in three major operational areas: total investment funds, account holders, and branch networks.

In addition, Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s professional managerial skills have allowed him to adopt a bottoms-up approach form of leadership at Bradesco which has improved employees’ innovation levels. Because of his leadership skills and competency at the Brazilian Banking Industry, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been able to receive several awards and acknowledgments. In 2015, he was named the Business Person Of The Year by Dinheiro after he executed the HSBC business deal.


Commendable personality

For those who know Luiz Carlos Trabuco, he is one person who is dedicated to his duties. He puts his work first before anything else in the business world. Unlike other executives, Luiz Carlos Trabuco always arrive at the company by 6.00 AM and be the last to leave his office at 7.00 PM. Sometimes he extends his businesses to dinner meetings just to ensure that all the business operations are running smoothly. The leader also prefers autonomy among his employees; he gives every individual and opportunity to make decisions at the company.

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Trabuco Bradesco reputation is of great impact in the Brazilian Banking Industry. He has remained one of the brainchildren to several financial projects of the government of Brazil. With his dedication and success, Bradesco will continue to expand its territories.



Dr. Sameer Jejurikar: A Compassionate Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar provides plastic surgery throughout the Dallas, Texas area. Dr. Jejurikar works at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. Patients come to the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute from the Dallas area and around the globe to receive services from Dr. Jejurikar and the other physicians at the institute. Additionally, Dr. Jejurikar is on staff at Pine Creek Medical Center and Dallas Medical Center.


Service to the medical community is provided by Dr. Jejurikar in various ways. In addition to his role as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Jejurikar he has written in various medical journals. Moreover, Dr. Jejurikar writes a blog on plastic surgery topics he has maintained since 2009. As a board certified physician, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar enjoys contributing his gifts and talents to assist individuals who need services provided through medical missions. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has worked on missions locally and internationally. One country Dr. Jejurikar performs missions work in is Bangladesh.


Dr. Jejurikar is recognized for his compassionate style of working with his patients. He works to provide his patients with the desires they have for their surgery which may involve minor changes, have a desire to appear younger, or a complete transformation of their appearance. During 2012 he was recognized with the top 3% of physicians in the country with a Compassionate Doctor certification. The award is given based upon national patient ratings of doctors.


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar graduated from the University of Michigan as an undergraduate. He completed medical school at the University of Michigan. Additionally, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar finished his residency in plastic surgery at the University of Michigan Medical Center. Dr. Jejurikar is licensed in Texas and New York.


Gregory Aziz The CEO Of National Steel Car Company

Gregory Aziz was born in Hamilton, Ontario. He was born on April 30, 1949. He did his studies at Ridley College. He later went to Western University where he pursued Economics.


In 1971, the family food business that he had joined had expanded. It became a nationally known business importing food from Europe, Central, and South America. In 1980 and 1990, he invested on various banking prospects.


1n 1994, he bought the National Steel car company from DOFASCO. The company later produced 12000 cars in 1999 from 3500 cars in a year. James Aziz is driven by his urge to be excellent at what he does.


Greg Aziz holds three positions in the National steel car company. He is the Chief Executive Officer, the chairman, and the president. The national steel car company is located in Hamilton, Ontario. It is ranked as the best car manufacturing company.


Gregory J. Aziz is pleased by the leadership of the transport minister, Lisa Raitt. He is concerned about his customers becoming aware of the safety standards. From 2014, the company has employed 900 people. It has also invested in its plant equipment. The Chief Operating Officer of National Steel Car Company is Lorraine Johnson.


1Gregory James Aziz is delighted to work with Canpotex Company. National Steel Car has partnered with Canpotex to produce 700 railcars. The new cars are for purpose of delivering potash to coastal ports. These two companies have worked together for 20 years.


The company has improved its technology so that to increase productivity. The company’s growth directly contributes to the growth of North America at large. This company engages in open conversations with its customers regarding sales.


Gregory Aziz appreciates being trusted by Canpotex. The partnership of the two companies leads to the employment of over 400 employees for seven months. It will also lead to the development of the entire province. National Steel Car Company has 2400 employees.


The company embraces and follows the regulations placed on transportation. There are rules set on transportation of combustible liquids by Lisa Raitt, minister of transport. The company is focusing on manufacturing safer and stronger tank cars for the future cohort. Find More Information Here.


In late 2015, the company produced their first tank cars which conform to the set safety standards. These cars were to meet the customer’s requirements. National Steel Car Company has been in the field of engineering and manufacturing for more than 100 years.   Visit: