Securus Technologies Has A New Plan To Help Prison Workers Keep Safe

Securus Technologies began almost 20 years ago with a group of people who wanted to change history forever. These individuals kept up with the transformation of technology, but they always wondered why prison inmates were not granted access to new technology. Though inmates are serving time for serious crimes, the originators of Securus Technologies believes all inmates should have access to the newest technology on the market.


Securus Technologies was originally a company that created and distributed original technology to the public, but they soon turned all their focus on helping inmates gain access to modern technology.


Securus Technologies has just changed history again. They created a technology that allows prison workers to keep safe while on and off the job. This new technology is called wireless containment systems. Once this technology is installed, it allows Securus to gain access to cell phones within the prison. Securus can then turn the cell phone off every time a call is made.


The person campaigning for wireless containment systems is Robert Johnson. Robert was a prison worker, and his job was to take possession of cell phones found inside of prison cells. One day, after Robert left work, he was ambushed and almost killed. After getting out of the hospital, Robert discovered that the attack on his life was orchestrated by an inmate with a cell phone. After hearing about Securus developing this new technology, Robert Johnson was compelled to get involved.


In addition to gaining access to cell phones, Securus Technologies is trying to gain access to social media accounts. An entire department is working on ways to use the wireless containment systems hardware and software to infiltrate the world of social media. The goal is to disconnect an account before an inmate can use social media to send out an order to have a crime committed. The social media branch of wireless containment systems is expected to be functioning by early 2018.



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