The Career life of Lori Senecal, the CP+B CEO.

Lori Senecal began working as the universal CEO of MDC partner’s agency in March 2015 before she was appointed as the CEO of CP+B. Her primary role at MDC was to coordinate the activities around the company’s ten international offices. She worked to foresee the growth and expansion of the agency. For instance, Lori managed to organize the company into becoming a modern universal agency. She leads the business to more significant levels of success through advanced innovations, agility, inventions and better consistent market both locally and internationally. Lori is a focused and open-minded manager and she has worked tirelessly to make the company better in every activity. Her robust and unwavering leadership skills lightened up the entrepreneurial spirit of the workers in the CP + B Company, leading them to do their best in their specific positions, bringing out the talents they have to the success of the business.

Lori was born in 1969 and currently lives in Norwalk. She attended McGill University where she did her undergraduate studies and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Commerce (BCom) and specialized in marketing and finance.

Lori was among the four best admirable agency executives in the year 2016. She also appeared a couple of times among the best leaders recognized by the Ad Week’s Power 100 list.

Consequently, the Fast Company honored Lori as the person to bring a complete change to the future of business activities. Her marvelous results seen in the CP + B Company made Lori attain the praise of being the best at creativity businesswise. Porter, the CP+B chairman, recognized Lori as the “management genius” and said that they needed her for their company to utilize her organizational skills for a brighter future of the firm. Lori Senecal didn’t disappoint the chairman but instead did better than they expected. Since Lori joined CP+B, the company never disappointed any clients, and hence they didn’t lose any customer. She also increased the fame of the company by boosting its global presence with big firms like the American Airlines. Lori also constructed a universal management plan as well as a communication pattern connecting people worldwide efficiently. Lori has significantly contributed to the growth of the company. Follow her on Twitter

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