Securus Technologies Provides Continuity To An Entire Law Envforcement System

Securus Technology is a large communications company that provides service to over 3,400 prison facilities, law enforcement agencies, and safety organizations all across the North American Continent. Serving well over 1.2 million incarcerated individuals, Securus has put together a system that connects inmates and their families by television and video conferencing techniques.


Plans are available such as collect calls, inmate pay, Advanced billing, where the family or a benefactor pays in advance, and regular monthly billing, where the family usually pays the phone bill. There is also a money transfer feature, voice messaging, and an email feature.


Studies have shown that when prisoners are able to relate to the outside world in a normal manner and stay in contact with their families, the rates of recidivism decreases when they are released. The inmate tends to see life differently and when released appreciate more that good relationships are what really matter.


When inmates have the ability to stay in touch with families over the time that they remain in prison, the outcome of their release fares much better than those prisoners who are simply isolated when they are serving their time in prison. These results represent findings that have been under research over the past 40 years.


The robust system that Securus has available has also served to provide a rapid response system in case of emergencies both inside the prison systems, but in the community as well. Serving as a focal point for law enforcement, fire, and community communications units, there are a means of providing emergency communications for the benefit of all.


Inmates and families especially like the video service because not only can they converse openly, they can also see one another, which is almost like being there. It saves the family the time of having to travel to the corrections facility so they have longer times available to visit.



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