Boraie to the Rescue: NJ Real Estate Superheros recently reported the fractured result of the real estate market conditions in New Jersey. These results have mounted due to the aftermath of the economic crisis, and bettered fundamentals and basics, such as higher employment rates, household formation, and the increase in home prices. According to Zillow, the giant in real estate tracking, New Jersey has been worse than most states in having the highest rates and shares of residential mortgages that are extremely delinquent and in foreclosure. However, New Jersey has recently shown significant improvement among other states in the US. The reduction in delinquency and foreclosure rates show the significantly stringent post-crisis impacts and the bettered fundamentals and basics, like higher employment rates, households’ formation, and the increase in home prices. These positive trends are expected to continue as the industry’s focus will continue to shift in resolving possible affordability crises, the shortages, and the increasing market numbers even though other experts, such as the Realtor Chief Economist at the National Association of Realtors, Lawrence Yun, say otherwise.

Regardless of the fractured New Jersey real estate market since the Great Recession, high housing demands of some towns are present. Most of their towns are aggressively working on a plethora of new apartments and game changing developments. With aspects, such as their easily accessible transit system for most towns, and the forecast of more housing due to the high interest rates and lower house prices, the real estate market for New Jersey has an optimistic appeal to other real estate experts.

One of the giant players in New Jersey’s real estate market is Boraie Development. They are among other key players in this industry in making this positive change stick for New Jersey. They have been in the real estate development game for more than 20 years now, and they are highly regarded in the community among the residents, community leaders, and others.

About Boraie Development

Located in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Sam Boraie provides a variety of services regarding the urban real estate market. Their services include sales/marketing, property management, and real estate development. They worked with the top visionary architects, contractors, and financial institutions. And together, they made extraordinary property creations and helped to build New Jersey even more.

Their property management functions consist of administration, maintenance, marketing, customer service, accounting, and leasing. Their sales & marketing division works in accordance with development and property management in regards to key residential and commercial factors. And as a result, they have sold more than $150 million in commercial and residential projects. Information sourced from

Cosmetic Entrepreneur Doe Deere Gives Away The Keys To Success To The French Tribune Online

Doe Deere, marketing analyst, technology expert, and cosmetic designer to name a few has the competitive drive to succeed in a mainstream cosmetic industry. In a recent French Tribune article, Deere, was able to tell their readers the keys to success and longevity. She admits her idea of colors was not always a favorite among her peers, but her certification and the creation of Lime Crime cosmetics changed their minds. In fact, to be successful it involves taking risk and she was not intimidated by being one of the first to use the velvetine matte/super-foil base for her cosmetics. Learn more:


Deere, encourages her wearers to find out what their successful at doing and hone in on their talent with a flame for dedication and hard work. She admits to their readers at the French Tribune, saying, you have to be dedicated to something that you love doing or it will be hard to make it work. Deere says, you should never set your business ideas outside of something you enjoy doing. You’re focus should be on something you enjoy creating, branding, selling, or creating. Your success lies in the level of your dedication to your successful entrepreneurship and you have to own your talent.


LC cosmetics are designed to give her users a new look or to help build confidence in the original you. Her line of cosmetics is well known for being safe for all skin types and completely hypoallergenic. Her love for animals means should could only market products that were cruelty-free. Enjoy a line of cosmetics that blend well with your skin tone and are water-proof for all day coverage. You never have to worry about multiple trips to the ladies room for reapplications when your out with that special someone and trying to make a good impression.


Deere, has also expanded on her talent with a new lipstick collection that is a sensation among her Instagram users. The new Scandal purple-violet hue is a must have for young adults and casual professionals. She dares her clients to rebuild their talents constantly with new ideas, as the keys to success. The Scandal line is launched under the LC name as its own unique color. You’ll find Lime Crime products exclusively packaged in trendy containers that are easy to find in the bottom of your cluttered purse. Take charge of a new hairdo, outfit, or mood with cool colors like Lemon Drop and Purple Sorbet.


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