Aloha Cosntructions Inc.: The Home Repair Experts You Can Trust

Aloha Construction Inc. has carved out a niche in the home repair market. It is the home repair company of choice for Illinois and Southern Wisconsin residents. The company is popular with clients because of its commitment to quality service delivery, cost effectiveness, and professionalism. Their Lake Zurich location has enabled them to offer their services to clients in McHenry, Cook, and DuPage counties while their Bloomington office renders its services to Tazewell and its neighboring counties. To date, the company has undertaken over 18,000 repair works.

Aloha Construction Inc. is passionate about the idea of a well-maintained house. To this end, the company offers four services: roofing services, guttering services, siding Services, and door and window Services. The company through its founder and C.E.O Dave Farbaky has sourced for the best talent in the industry to join its pool of professionals. Aloha Construction has over eight years of experience under its belt. It has also partnered with Synchrony Financial to enable clients who are unable to finance their home repair costs to access financial assistance. The company’s hard work and high-quality service delivery saw it receive an A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. Aloha Construction Inc. slogan “We Reign When it Storms” resonates well with distressed home owners looking quality solutions for their home repair needs.

Aloha Construction Inc. is a philanthropic company. The family owned business runs a charity foundation, Dave Farbaky Foundation (DFF), which oversees its generous philanthropic undertakings to the society. The foundation’s mission of giving back to the society is reported to be Farbaky’s source of fulfillment.

Recently, Aloha Construction Inc. expanded her business portfolio through the launch of Aloha Restoration. The new product, based in the Lake Zurich area is a diversification of Farbaky’z business interests. Aloha Restoration offers home restoration and remodeling services: mold removal, water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, interior remodeling services, and carpet cleaning. Through Farbaky’z guidance and business expertise, Aloha Restorations is expected to follow its parent company’s footsteps to success. Aloha Restorations is betting on training, obtaining additional licenses, and increasing its certifications as a sure way of trouncing its competitors.

Securus Technologies Revolutionizing the Inmate Communications Sector

One of the leading inmate communication service providers in the United States is Securus Technologies. The company provides its services to over 3,400 law enforcement agencies across North America, and the figure continues to increase with the passing time. Presently, more than 1.2 million prisoners rely on the inmate communication services offered by Securus Technologies. The immense popularity of Securus Technologies in the correctional industry can be attributed to the fact that it has been able to consistently deliver on its promises to the customers.
The company has kept the prices of its services minimal to ensure that the inmates don’t have to go through hassles to use its services. Securus Technologies understands the problems that the inmates and their families are going through, and it is for this reason, the prices of its services are kept reasonable in comparison to what other service providers charge. As per the company’s CEO, Rick Smith, Securus Technologies is carrying out extensive research and development initiatives to lower the prices of its products further and to increase the communication opportunities in the industry.
Securus Technologies has also won many awards and recognition’s in the sector because of its cutting edge technologies and fast and attentive customer service. Recently, the company was given the Gold Stevie Award for the best customer service training team. It is one of the most reputed and prestigious awards to be won in the corporate world, and Securus Technologies won the award the first time it participated in the event. As one of the loyal customers of Securus Technologies’ inmate communication services, I can say without any doubt that it is one of the best service providers in the industry. Whether it is their products or the customer service, Securus Technologies never disappoint. I hope they continue to provide such seamless service for the betterment of the correctional industry.

Sawyer Howitt Sets The Pace For Enthusiastic Millennial Entrepreneurs

Being a successful, young entrepreneur can be challenging, but not due to the lack of relevant skills and expertise. Over the years, society has associated entrepreneurial success with experience that can only come with age. According to the world, young people, and especially those of the millennial generation cannot excel in business.

However, young and successful entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt is proving to society that with the right knowledge and skills, anyone can be successful. The 17-year-old is the project manager at his father’s company, the Meriwether Group where he serves as a consultant for both small and large corporations.

Age Doesn’t Matter

As millennials try to make a move in the business world, they are bound to face resistance from the older generations. Sawyer advises young entrepreneurs to their turn age into an advantage rather than a weakness. The millennial generation which has grown up in a period of tech advancements has the benefit of getting a better grasp of technology as compared to the previous generations. Technological advancements are quickly changing the business sphere, and young entrepreneurs can embrace these changes and use them to their advantage.

Sawyer Howitt is probably the youngest employee at the Meriwether group, but this does not reflect on his capabilities. He handles both simple and complex projects as expected of a project manager. His expertise includes developing effective business presentations for entrepreneurs. He is also working together with the executive management in developing RFID checkout solutions. This is an asset tracking solution that is aimed at improving accountability in the retail business.

Lessons From Sawyer’s Achievements

Despite being a college student, Sawyer Howitt is slowly rising to become a reckoning force in the business world. His accomplishments and excellent leadership at the Meriwether Group is an indication that young entrepreneurs can become successful if they set their minds to it. They need to work hard, know their value, and prove their capabilities to the older generation.

There is no giving up in business. Intimidation from others who have been in the playing field for a longer period will come, but this should not stop one in their quest for success. Sawyer Howitt has set the pace for all young and enthusiastic millennials that wish to reign in the business world.

The Successful Work of Richard Mishaan Design

Richard Mishaan Design is as close to a household name as you are going to get in the interior design world. Richard Mishaan has personally been designing within the industry for over 25 years now and his work continues to diversify, his portfolio continues to expand, and his client list continues to grow. What makes Richard Mishaan Design so special? What makes this New York City based firm so successful? Let’s leap in and learn a little bit about the technical work of Mishaan and his business.


Richard Mishaan Design started out working in a variety of high profile projects. Typically he had focused on residential projects for the one percenters of the world. It was during this time that he established himself as someone willing to attack the trend of modernism while tailoring it to the unique flavor that could only come from blending old word style and technique. Mishaan has worked on a number of huge projects over the years, including the St. Regis suites back in 2010, and he has only become more and more focused on his style as the years have gone by.


If you wanted to see what Richard Mishaan Design does with a personal touch then head over to Mishaan’s own Cartagena house, located in Columbia. This home is probably Richard Mishaan Design’s greatest work because it speaks to Mishaan as both an artist and as a person. The Cartagena House is filled with modern twists infused by 16th century artwork and flavor. There are only three primary materials used throughout the entire home but each piece of furniture, every window accent, and every chair pops off of the page. Richard Mishaan continues to impress and we think that he will be doing this in demand for a very long time as a result.